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Japan Forwarding Phone Numbers

Japan is a country with great contrast, one that has fully embraced everything today’s digital technology has to offer without abandoning its incredibly rich culture dating back millennia. It is perhaps this contrast that makes the country a great destination, not only for tourists but also entrepreneurs and businesses that want to capitalize on the third largest economy in the world based on individual countries and nominal GDP. Getting Japan forwarding phone numbers is one of the best ways to gauge the business climate and establish a virtual business presence before you set foot in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Japan and Its Incredible Diversity

The above-mentioned contrast of the Japanese culture is the biggest reason that Japan is so incredibly diverse. With a population of just under 127 million people, this island nation has managed to rise from the ashes of World War II to become the third largest economy in the world.

The Japanese economy is mostly driven by services, accounting for almost 71 percent of the GDP, which is surprising considering it is one of the largest and most technologically advanced producer of automobiles, electronics, machinery, steel and more. This robust industry currently only accounts for around 28 percent of the GDP, with agriculture making up a little over 1 percent.

In addition to a great economy, Japan has a very high Human Development Index (HDI) of 0.891, making it an ideal place to live when all of the important metrics are taken into consideration.

The 2020 Olympics and the Future Economy

In the next three years, Japan is going to be hosting some major global events, including the most prestigious of them all, The Olympics in 2020, and a year before that, the 2019 Rugby World Cup. These are events that make getting a Japan forwarding number even more valuable as the 24 plus million tourists that visit annually, and those that will come for these events descend to Japan.

Regarding the future of the Japanese economy, the growth is projected to be anemic, not going above 2 percent in the next three years. Another downside is the country’s debt was 234.7 percent of GDP in 2016, which is the highest in the world. The hope is Abenomics will eventually pan out and put a dent in the debt, but until it does and even with the high GDP/debt ratio, Japan will still remain one of the top economies in the world.

Capitalizing on the Service Features of Japan Call Forwarding Numbers

Japan forwarding phone numbers have service features that are essential for doing business in Japan. In a culture where protocol is followed with great reverence, being able to customize the call forwarding settings from Japan to address these and other issues is important

Global Call Forwarding has implemented, as part of the numbers it provides in over 150 countries and thousands of cities around the world, free advanced service features for its customers. These features provide a wide range of functionalities designed to ensure calls will always go through, a web portal for account management, and APIs to build the necessary operations to integrate the services the company offers with your business. Some of these advanced features include, select country forwarding, forward fax, call recording, failover forwarding, and many more.

Another of the features that can come in quite handy for your Japan forwarding numbers to address the aforementioned cultural protocols is Customized Greeting. While proper greeting goes a long way to make a great first impression in any country around the world, the Japanese culture is keenly focused and places great importance on such matters.

With the Customized Greeting for your Japan forwarding numbers, you can record any message to greet incoming callers that will guide and direct them to the right department. And because Global Call Forwarding provides Advanced IVR/PBX, your callers will have a range of options as to where they would like to continue their conversation.

Advanced IVR / Japan PBX Phone System

An advanced IVR (Interactive Voice Response)/PBX system is a solution usually reserved for large organizations, but Global Call Forwarding makes it available so even a small business can provide professional communication services.

The Japan forwarding numbers can be programmed with an IVR system that will let you guide your caller to the right destination. You can create a welcome message with announcements, prompts, call destinations, email destinations, and more that is controlled with a telephone keypad by the caller. The IVR system can also be used for your Japan forwarding numbers to provide information about your company, create marketing surveys, manage high call volumes and improve customer service.

The Japan PBX phone system portion extends the capabilities of your Japan phone numbers even more by letting you set a private telephone network to connect incoming calls with any internal telephone extension within your company so your employees can have their own extensions.

Whether you are temporarily visiting Japan or establishing your business in the country, Global Call Forwarding provides the options that will be critical to make your Japan forwarding numbers functional and flexible as the needs for your business change.

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