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Singapore Forwarding Phone Numbers

A look at the Singaporean skyline, and it quickly becomes evident the country is an economic hub in the region, and the world for that matter. The break neck speed at which Singapore has grown in the past half century has been spectacular, and the government is extremely proactive in ensuring it has the best business environment possible.

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Point of fact, year after year, Singapore ranks in or near the top in terms of doing business, with the World Bank giving it the second place in its Doing Business annual ranking for 2017. What this means if you are an entrepreneur or have a business in Singapore is, you can’t afford to stay out of touch because you have a number in another part of the world. Singapore forwarding phone numbers will make you and your company available all the time.

Reasons to Do Business in Singapore

Put simply, Singapore is an economic gateway to the Asia-Pacific Region, which represents close to 60 percent of the global population at more than 4.5 billion people. With this number of people, there are business opportunities across every economic strata and imaginable industry sector.

Singapore is positioned in the perfect location, but what it has done is become a market leader in industries that have leveraged its place in the region. The country is a hub for ship repair, it is the largest oil-rig producer, and 3rd-largest oil refining center.

These industries were used to grow Singapore into other sectors, mainly financials, with the world’s 1st, 5th, and 6th strongest banks in the world based there. And with a country of only 5.5 million people, it has the 3rd-largest foreign exchange center, 3rd-leading financial center and a per capita of $82,762. But Singapore has diversified itself even further to ensure it will not be dependent in just a handful of industries.

It has some large enterprises in telecoms, banking, transportation and manufacturing, with integrated circuits and computer exports now making up 27 percent of its GDP.

These economic indicators and the government’s readiness to accept foreign investors makes Singapore a place to establish a presence, whether it is physical or virtual. This makes getting Singapore forwarding phone numbers an ideal way for your customer to get in touch with you.

Establish a Point of Contact in Singapore with Call Forwarding Numbers

It is easy enough to have a website and let it become your point of contact, but with customer experience playing a bigger role for today’s consumers, a business has to deploy a comprehensive approach that address many of the touch points available in the market place.

Singapore forwarding phone numbers give you the voice capabilities of your phone number and it lets you be accessible from anywhere.

The Global Call Forwarding Singapore forwarding phone numbers will let you establish a virtual presence and penetrate this very lucrative market by answering the requests of the local population every time they call without even being in the country.

Be Local: Get a Virtual Presence in Singapore

Being local is part of the overall customer experience consumers are looking for. If someone in Singapore calls you, being able to answer it is the ideal situation, even if you happen to be in Australia at the time.

This is now possible for businesses large and small thanks in great part to digital technology. The Singapore forwarding phone numbers you get for your company first lets the locals call you without having to worry about a long distance charge. But it goes beyond just answering the call no matter where you are or what time of day it is; you have multiple customization options to better address your callers.

More Connectivity

Global Call Forwarding has a scalable network infrastructure of Tier-1 service providers to ensure service continuity for the customization you select when you get Singapore forwarding phone numbers. You can use Advanced Forwarding to forward calls to a specific phone based on the local time, language, geography and more.

Numbers can also be answered sequentially to make sure your company doesn’t miss calls so your customers don’t wait longer than necessary. If no one answers, it can be programmed to be routed to a call center. And because there are just as many scenarios in which you might not be able to answer a call, Singapore forwarding phone numbers from Global Call Forwarding also offer Failover Forwarding, Customized Greeting, Voicemail & Voicemail to Email, Forward Fax, Local Ring Tones and Simultaneous Call Forwarding.

Reliable Businesses Use Virtual Phone Numbers with Call Forwarding

The importance of customer experience cannot be understated in today’s digital service delivery ecosystem. When the difference between the reliability a company offers are measured in tens or hundreds of a percentage point, reliability plays an important role.

Singapore forwarding phone numbers from Global Call Forwarding come with technical support that is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week by calling or opening a service ticker online account to resolve any issue. When someone from Singapore calls, being able to answer directly or route it to the right number can be the difference between getting and losing that customer.

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