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UAE Forwarding Phone Numbers

Expanding a business to the United Arab Emirates requires a clear understanding of accepted business practices, a firm grasp on government regulations, and an effective marketing strategy. The key to aligning with these requirements is communication and UAE forwarding phone numbers.

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Businesses interested in expanding to the United Arab Emirates have several legal obligations to fulfill prior to opening their business there. Cultural differences are at the forefront, particularly for businesses coming from the West or European nations. Establishing communication right from the outset is a critical component to success in the UAE. Global Call Forwarding aids businesses in building a firm business foundation by providing them with a UAE phone number which can forward calls internationally. This number, in combination with several other complementary features, enables businesses to quickly communicate with contacts and get their business off the ground.

Before diving deeper into how a UAE forwarding number works and what businesses can expect when they get a UAE toll free number, let’s take a brief look at what to expect from the UAE economy.

Doing Business in the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a unique and culturally influenced country. The business world in the UAE is largely dictated by foreign investment in massive oil and gas production, which contributes to a wealthier economy for the UAE. As a result, the UAE has the second largest economy in the Arab world with a GDP of some $570 billion. Recently, the UAE has started to diversify its economy away from oil and gas investments, which has led to greater economic growth.

Regardless of diversification efforts, the UAE continues to rely heavily on oil exports. The only exception to this rule in the UAE is Dubai, which continues to be dominated by the refinement and exportation of crude oil. Natural gas and petroleum continue to be critical to the UAE economy, and are used to strengthen its role on a global scale.

Foreign businesses interested in exploring the UAE marketplace have much to consider. Some of the strongest sectors continue to be the oil and gas markets, but other industries such as the service industry and construction industry show promise.
Thanks to a thriving tourism sector, extravagant hotels and infrastructure are being built throughout the country. This in turn opens up new opportunities for businesses that cater to these industries. Tourists with expendable income come to UAE to experience luxurious services and lifestyles, and businesses are more than willing to oblige.

Additional economically important industries serving the UAE include the arts and entertainment sectors, supply and material manufacturers, and professional service sectors.

Opportunities for development also exist within the medical field. Up-in-coming businesses do well to research the market thoroughly prior to opening their doors.

How UAE Forwarding Phone Numbers Work

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UAE forwarding phone numbers work by redirecting phone calls from a United Arab Emirates local or toll free number to another destination number. With plenty of opportunities for business development, the UAE is open to foreign investment. However, a critical element in ensuring business growth is phone. Global Call Forwarding provides local and toll free numbers in UAE with international call forwarding.

Forwarding phone numbers are virtual phone numbers that are managed via the cloud. They are not associated with any landline phone. UAE forwarding phone numbers make it easier for customers or contacts in the UAE to connect with businesses overseas. Once somebody dials the UAE phone number, that phone call is then forwarded internationally to the number selected by the business. This can be done both internationally and locally.

Businesses can get toll free or local UAE phone numbers as well, enabling contacts or customers anywhere in the UAE to call them free of charge. Global Call Forwarding also provides vanity numbers (i.e. 1-800-FLOWERS), which can be used to advertise products and services on a local level.

For example, say a business is located in the United States but wants to be accessible to customers or contacts in the UAE. A forwarding phone number can be used forward phone calls from UAE internationally to their headquarters in the United States. Another example would be if a business wants to provide customer service, but has a call center located in India. Individuals in UAE would be forced to pay high international calling fees if left without a forwarding number. International call forwarding simplifies the calling process and is affordable for businesses and individual callers alike.

Why Businesses Choose UAE Forwarding Phone Numbers

Multinational businesses choose to partner with companies that understand the importance of communication. With a global marketplace as diversified as the one currently in existence, accessibility is no longer an option it’s a requirement. High call quality and immediate access must be established before a business opens their services or products. Global Call Forwarding can help.

Businesses utilize a UAE forwarding number to build customer business relations, and Global Call Forwarding provides a host of complementary features to accommodate each UAE forwarding phone number. From advanced call forwarding to interactive voice response, businesses can tailor their features to meet their needs.

Building a company in the UAE is no easy task, but with an international call forwarding service, the process is made much easier.

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