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Get US Virtual Phone Numbers

US virtual phone numbers allow businesses to have a local area code and phone number in the United States. This means that US callers can reach you for the price of a local call. When you sign up for a call forwarding service, you are seizing the opportunity to grow your business.

Cost and convenience

International calls are expensive. Calling an international phone number from the United States takes time and money. However, there are still plenty of international companies that do business with US customers. International companies with customers in the United States should get virtual phone numbers.

Imagine yourself as a prospective customer in the United States, trying to decide which company to buy from. Company A offers a great product, but their phone number is listed as +33 03 33 33 33 33 on the website. On the other hand, Company B offers the same product and a convenient toll free number to call. Research shows that prospective customers are more likely to reach out to Company B, which has a professional US toll free number.

The cost of calling Company A exceeds the cost of dialing Company B via a US virtual phone number. In addition, it is much more convenient to dial a familiar US toll free number. Buy a US virtual phone number and you will not miss out on any more sales because of convenience or cost factors.

Cost of setting up an office

Whether a business is renting or buying, it is expensive to set up a physical office location in the United States. Rent might cost you upwards of $250. Equipment, furniture, and electricity can all put a dent in your profit margins. However, you can set up a virtual office in the United States for a fraction of the price when you buy US virtual phone numbers.

US virtual phone numbers enable a business to set up a virtual office and provide communication services without actually owning a physical office location. US virtual phone numbers help to establish a presence in the United States and the cost is much less than a brick-and-mortar store.

The rise of e-commerce and the internet has made it possible for a business to operate remotely. A call forwarding service further enhances the virtual office.

Great for call centers

The cost of labor in the United States is high. Expensive hourly wages for US workers is the reason most US businesses outsource their call centers. A large business needs a call center to offer customer support. However, rather than employing representatives in the US, most businesses outsource call centers with a call forwarding service.

Buy a US virtual phone number and you can set up a call center anywhere. You can advertise the US toll free number on your website, and send calls from that number to anywhere in the world. In doing so, companies save a lot of money on per hour labor costs for call center employees.

Call recording and other features for customer service

A US virtual phone number with call recording is one of the best quality assurance tools available. Call recording is a feature that enables users to automatically record incoming calls. This feature gives users the ability to monitor their customer services representatives and use the call recordings for training purposes.

If you buy a US virtual phone number to set up a call center abroad, toll free numbers with call recording is one of the best features available. A business that utilizes call recording has an edge in the field of customer support.


Branding is an essential marketing component. Effective branding can be done in several ways. US virtual phone numbers can be a great branding tool for businesses.

To build a stronger brand, a business can set up an IVR system to greet customers with a standard company message. For example, you can record a professional greeting with your company’s name and a list of options. US virtual phone numbers with IVR are a great way to establish your brand.

In addition to being able to set up an IVR system, US toll free numbers give businesses credibility. The professional appearance of the 800 numbers and high call quality lends credence to a business. Toll free numbers are one of the best ways to build a brand name.

Finally, US virtual numbers can be used for branding if you select a vanity phone number. Choose any words or phrase that you want for your phone number, assuming the vanity number isn’t already taken. For example, a beer company can choose 1-844-SIP-BEER as its phone number. This helps customers remember your phone number and makes your business easier to contact.

US Virtual Phone Numbers

US Virtual phone numbers are the most cost-effective way to build a virtual presence in another country. Buy a US virtual number and start using it in one of the many described ways to build a professional business that receives a lot of inbound sales calls.

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