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Get Australia Virtual Toll Free Number

Customers’ perspective of your company’s brand plays a pivotal role in the success of any business expansion plan. Irrespective of which market your business caters to and how big your company is, it is quintessential that you project the right image on the target customer base when planning growth in new territories.

For businesses looking to spread their wings into new geographies that are poised for high growth, like Australia, it is of paramount importance to invest in tools that help improve customer relations, brand recall, and satisfaction. This is why you need to get Australia virtual toll free number systems at the earliest.
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Why to get Australia virtual toll free number systems?

Statistics say that more than 85% of all customers associate toll free numbers with the quality of business product or service. It is because it gives an impression of a larger and more established business. This becomes all the more important when deciding to move your business to a new country altogether. This is where you can get a virtual toll free number in Australia to improve your business.

Setting up operations in a new country can be tricky, especially for small businesses, as it creates both financial as well as logistical issues. By getting virtual toll free numbers, you can make it easier for a customer in Australia to connect with your business, no matter where you are on the planet! These virtual numbers are in fact not associated with any fixed lines and can be managed from the cloud. It allows you to receive customer calls from anywhere in the world.

For online customers, it is a round-the-clock free-of-charge tool to connect with your ecommerce business, elevating the trust levels they associate with the brand and reduces mental barriers of purchasing your products online. Businesses depending on marketing and advertising for lead generation observe a significant increase in conversion rates when they associate the campaign with a toll free number.

A lucrative market for international businesses, Australia has proven to be a pillar of financial stability in the Asia Pacific region. Let’s look at a few highlights of the Australian economy that can help you understand the focus areas of the country.

The Economy of Australia: A Brief Overview

The Australian economy has had a fabulous run for the past 2 decades.

The island nation has not only managed to contain inflation, but also deliver continuous growth even during the global financial crises. All thanks to the services driven industry, the banking and financial system of the country has proven to be resilient to the ups and downs in the global economy. The services sector accounts for 68% of the GDP and 75% of total jobs.

Other industries that contribute to Australia’s wealth are mining and agriculture. Australia does not allow its environmentalists to dictate policy.

The country’s abundant natural resources and large scale agricultural output have been attracting major foreign investments over the years. The mining sector and agriculture sector have been the cornerstones of the country’s economy and primary contributors to the economic growth, accounting for 12% of GDP.

With enormous reserves of iron, gold, copper, coal, natural gas, uranium, and other renewable sources of energy alongside wide variety of agricultural products, Australia has been a major exporter of these goods to Asian markets.

Over the years there have been drastic changes in the foreign trade policy of the country. Australia now has minimum restrictions on imports of goods and services, making it an open market and ideal destination for your business to grow. Free Trade Agreements have been signed with China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Malaysia, India, Singapore, and many other ASEAN countries, allowing the economy of Australia to be more dynamic and flexible than ever before.

Get an Australia virtual toll free number for better business

Global Call Forwarding offers an industry-leading platform to get Australia toll free number systems. Businesses can manage these toll free numbers from a cloud-based dashboard sitting anywhere in the world. High service levels ensure that your business is reachable for your customers round the clock and 365 days of the year.

Some of the advanced service features such as call transfer feature and failover forwarding feature make it most suitable for managing calls after business hours, call overflow, employees in different time zones or even a phone system failure.

Global Call Forwarding offers cost-effective solutions with best in class service quality. Round-the-clock support is available on the website to help you get started in a matter of minutes. Try the services free for a limited period and experience the full spectrum of services available from the comfort of your home.

If you are planning on expanding to the Land Down Under, get Australia virtual toll free number service from Global Call Forwarding as it will help you in gaining a strong foothold in the new market and improve customer acquisition. In the long run, this strong customer-connect and trust will shape the future of your company.

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