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Get New York Virtual Toll Free Number

When companies get New York virtual toll free numbers, they get numbers that resemble local phone numbers however these numbers can reach businesses around the world. One of the best benefits of these numbers is that they are toll free. A New York virtual toll free number has an optional feature that forwards incoming SMS messages to email inboxes.

New York City

New York City is the most populous city in the United States with an estimated 2016 population of 8,537,673 and a metropolitan area population of 23,689,255. When companies get a virtual toll free number in New York, they often establish New York virtual offices to service the businesses and residents of the city.

New York City is located on the northeastern coast of the United States. It has one of the largest natural harbors in the world, and it is the home of the headquarters of the United Nations. There are five boroughs in the city, each of which is a county of New York State. The five boroughs are the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. The following table gives statistics on the boroughs, city, and state, and the map shows the relative locations of the boroughs. Some of the common nicknames for New York City are “The Big Apple,” “The City that Never Sleeps,” “The Empire City,” and “Gotham.” The website for New York City is


The borough of Manhattan is an island within three rivers: the Hudson River to the west, the Harlem River to the north, and the East River to the east. The Marble Hill Neighborhood on the mainland is part of Manhattan as are the following islands: Ellis Island, Liberty Island (Statue of Liberty), Governors Island, and other smaller islands. The United Nations Headquarters are in Manhattan as are the two largest stock exchanges in the world, the New York Stock Exchange, and NASDAQ. Manhattan has the highest population density of any US city. In 2016, it hosted 61 million tourists. Its most visited sites were Times Square, Central Park, and Grand Central Terminal. Manhattan’s website is

White-collar professions predominate Manhattan’s workforce. Its economy has the following sectors:

  • Financial Sector – The financial sector, known as Wall Street, is located in lower Manhattan, and it features many stock exchanges.
  • Corporate Sector – Manhattan is home to many corporate headquarters.
  • Technology Sector – This sector includes industries, such as the internet, telecommunications, software development, biotechnology, game design, financial and information technologies, and digital media.


Manhattan also features many art and cultural establishments, such as museums, galleries, Broadway theaters, and the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

When businesses get New York virtual toll free numbers in Manhattan, they can select from 212, 332, 646, or 917 area codes.

The Bronx

The Bronx is the northernmost of the five boroughs, and unlike the other boroughs, the majority of its area is on the mainland. To the west of The Bronx is the Hudson River, to the south is the Harlem River, and to the east is the Long Island Sound. The Bronx is the home of the New York Yankees baseball team, and its website is “”.

One-fourth of the land area is open space, such as The Bronx Zoo, the New York Botanical Garden, Pelham Bay Park, Van Cortland Park, and Woodlawn Cemetery.

According to 2013 Census estimates, the population was 45.8% white, 43.3% Black or African American, 4.2% Asian, 3.0% American Indian, 0.4% Pacific Islanders, 3.3% two or more races. Regardless of race, 54.6% of the population was of Hispanic or Latino origin.

The Bronx has a significant redevelopment plan including a 2016 investment of $3.3 billion with allocations of $1.7 billion in residential development, $1.3 billion in commercial development, and $0.23 billion in institutional development. When businesses get New York virtual toll free numbers in The Bronx, they can select from 347, 718, 917, or 929 area codes.


Brooklyn is the most populous of the boroughs. It is located on the southwest end of Long Island, bordered on the northwest by Queens, and surrounded by water on the other three sides. Brooklyn is a diverse community with neighborhoods representing culturally identified groups including Jewish American, Chinese American, Caribbean and African American, Latino American, Russian and Ukrainian American, Polish American, Italian American, Irish American, Greek American, same-sex couples, and artists-in-residence.

When businesses get New York virtual toll free numbers in Brooklyn, they can select from 347, 718, 917, or 929 area codes. The Brooklyn website is “”.


Queens is the largest (in land area) of the five boroughs. Brooklyn is to the southwest, Long Island Sound to the north, Nassau County to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast. Forty-eight percent of its population is foreign-born.

According to 2014 estimates of racial demographics, 49.1% of the residents are white, 20.8% are black or African American, 25.8% are Asian, and 4.3% are mixed or other races. Twenty-eight percent of the residents are of Hispanic or Latino origin.

When businesses get New York virtual toll free numbers in Queens, they can select from 347, 718, 917, or 929 area codes. The website for Queens is “”.

Staten Island

Staten Island is the least populous of the five boroughs with a 2016-estimated population of 476,015. Arthur Kill and Kill Van Kull separate Staten Island from New Jersey. The New York Bay is to the northeast, and the Atlantic Ocean surrounds the remainder of the island. Staten Island’s North Shore has residential neighborhoods. The East Shore features a 2.5-mile boardwalk. The South Shore is a suburban area, and the West Shore is the industrial part of the island.

When businesses get New York virtual toll free numbers in Staten Island, they can select from 347, 718, 917, or 929 area codes. The website for Staten Island is “”.

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