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India International Call Forwarding

india international call forwarding

An international call forwarding service from India is a true game-changer in the sphere of telecommunications by allowing users more mobility and helping companies cast a wider net in India.

To take it up a notch, a market like India has become more prominent to foreign investors considering the feasibility and proficiency offered by some services like India international call forwarding. The Indian market has seen a tremendous influx of international stakeholders and has become the global hub for business and commerce.

Scope of India’s Market

India has a burgeoning population of more than 1.25 billion people, whom have a reputation for being generous spenders. It is a booming market for domestic and foreign companies alike. The global exposure in recent decades has made those materialistic aspects accessible that were once out of reach. Known as a newly industrialized country, India’s GDP has been on a steady rise with the nominal GDP amounting to $2.30 trillion in 2016.

Similarly, the relative standard of life has improved exponentially and a greater portion of Indians can boast of having a comfortable and luxurious life. Also, the Digital India movement is gaining momentum with several appropriate steps being taken by the present government to increase the credibility of the Indian market. This makes the average Indian, and by extension, the Indian market, the perfect customers or receptors of the commercial Big Bang.

Foreign companies see this potential and are more than willing to try their hand in the Indian market. All this is unfolding at a time when the world is seamlessly connected and companies like Global Call Forwarding are ensuring that their top-ranked services like the India international call forwarding makes telecommunication a hassle-free operation even in the remotest of areas.

How International Call Forwarding Works from India

An India international call forwarding service has a simple method of operation which makes it very user-friendly and increases its accessibility. All a foreign business or company wishing to lure the Indian customers towards their brand has to do is buy a local or toll-free Indian number.

For instance, your company originally from the United States can increase its customer base manifold, without setting up a physical work station in India, by connecting with the Indian audience telephonically. When a potential customer calls the Indian number, the phone call will be forwarded to your local or toll-free number in the states.

The business operates normally without any interruptions and it provides innumerable opportunities for both the customer and the client to communicate and overlook the time and space barriers. Additionally, you have the liberty to multitask as you are not restricted to an office and can attend to other important matters and answer all your significant business calls while on the go.

An India virtual call service is upgraded with several features that offer you much more than the name suggests. Some of the distinguished features are listed below:

Added Features of the Call Forwarding Service

Premium rates – The India international call forwarding service reroutes the calls to international numbers at a modest price which is a marvelous deal in comparison to receiving calls on international numbers. Furthermore, Global Call Forwarding has been dedicated to offering the service at the best price among its competitors.

Quality of the calls – We take our work seriously and hence are selective about our carrier partners and collaborators. Only the industry’s best telecommunication carriers are chosen for their uninterrupted call service with unblemished connectivity and call quality.

Call recording – This has proven to be an important feature if you are using the India international call forwarding service in a corporate environment like call centers where customer interaction is recorded for training purposes and also to settle disputes amicably.

Rollover minutes – When you get a monthly subscription of the India international call forwarding service for your business, any unused minutes from the service pack in a particular month can be rolled over to the subsequent month thereby, keeping the overall cost in check.

Sequential forwarding – Businesses with a large workforce, like call centers, cannot afford to miss a customer’s call. As such features like sequential forwarding and simultaneous ring from the India international call forwarding service enables the call to be transferred until it gets answered.

Enhanced marketing strategy – It is an indispensable marketing tactic to have a system like India international call forwarding where you can develop a channel of communication with foreign customers, win their trust over time and achieve conversions that eventually add up to the business’ revenue.

Key Final Point

Global Call Forwarding brings to you the best of the telecom industry that helps unite the world more closely. Services like international call forwarding from India among others have received worldwide acclaim, and are set to change the way international business operations are conducted in India.

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