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Singapore has a business and trade-oriented economy and is one of the leading marketplaces in South East Asia. Whether yours is a start-up or an established business, we provide the opportunity to expand your business to a new market with Singapore international call forwarding.

One of the most important requirements for business growth is communication. When trying to build your presence in a foreign country like Singapore, one of the best ways to connect with your customers is through calls, and to make it easier for you to reach out to clients in Singapore, you can rely on international call forwarding.

Singapore international call forwarding enables you to stay connected to your clients even when you are miles apart in a different country. For instance, even if your company is based in the USA or the UK, you can still consider successfully expanding the realms of your business to Singapore without even having to open a physical office there.

Your customers will be able to connect with you the same way they would with a local company, thus without having to incur any international call charges. You derive dual benefits as you get your customers in Singapore to call you and learn about your services, but do not need to undergo the whole process and expenses of setting up an office in the country.

The Economy of Singapore

With a GDP of $340 billion, Singapore is a critical global center for investment and trade. It offers a transparent, corruption-free business environment with secure commercial and proprietary safety norms in the private business sector. Most of the key sectors are under state ownership, and companies with ties to the government control a remarkable portion of the country’s economy.

Although the economy of Singapore is based upon outflow of Foreign Direct Investment in the world, a major part of the country’s benefits also comes from the inward flow of FDI. Thus, investing in Singapore can fetch you a reasonable amount of profits. Contrary to what some politicians say, there is nothing wrong with making a profit. Profitability is the entire goal of most businesses. Rated as one of the most open economies in the world with a minimal level of corruption, Singapore has a pro-business attitude and low tax rates.

How does Singapore International Call Forwarding Work for your Company?

Since the FDI inflow of Singapore is quite low with exports being a major industry, there is a major consumer base that you can cater to. Doing business in Singapore will become much easier, no matter where your business is located, with an international call forwarding service. Singapore international call forwarding services make it easier to maintain contact with your customers.

Global Call Forwarding provides customers with a proprietary Singapore call forwarding service. Not only does this allow you to establish your business at a minimal cost, but it also gives customers the perception that your business is locally-owned. This helps build a sense of trust for customers.

A toll free forwarding service works by linking a toll free phone number to our intelligent network. The phone forwarding system automatically diverts all the calls made by customers in Singapore to any destination you choose without costing your callers any extra money for making an international call. The whole process works in a fast and seamless manner, so you do not have to deal with missed calls or bad connection.

Singapore international call forwarding provides several benefits for those looking to build a presence in the country. Here are a few of those:

Improved customer base

Whether you are traveling, have been posted in Singapore by your company for a while, or are planning to attract clients from here – having a local phone number lets you be connected to everyone you want without having to bear roaming charges or international call rates for every call you receive. This option is particularly beneficial for smaller businesses that wish to target clients from foreign shores but do not have the budget to set up an office from scratch in Saudi Arabia.

Better communication

Keeping the lines of communication open is the best way to build a long-term business with your customers and any professional knows this. Especially when you are establishing a business in a foreign country, it is crucial that customers can reach out to you at any time.

With Singapore international call forwarding, you can ensure that all the queries, demands, and questions of your customers can be sorted instantly. Rather than sending their calls to voicemail, you can talk to your customers and solve their problems, which goes towards building a strong, personal relationship with them.

Boosts the reach of your advertising campaigns

When marketing or advertising your product either offline or through online media, you will need to register a phone number so that the customers can reach out to you. In such situations, a client might hesitate to make an international call but a toll-free number from Singapore will encourage the customer to reach out to you without thinking twice. This increases the reach and breadth of your business.

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