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south korea international call forwarding

South Korea is an economic powerhouse that is transforming itself into an urban ideal of culture, parks, and opportunities. A famous Korean proverb says, “Get yourself to Seoul by all means, even if you have to crawl on your knees.” South Korea international call forwarding is a service that enables businesses to get a South Korea number and forward incoming calls anywhere.

If you wish to grow your business and set up a presence in South Korea, you will need a Korean bank account, sufficient funds, and also decide the legal structure that your company will adopt. This can be a lengthy and arduous process and quite demotivating especially if you are a startup entrepreneur. But, with services like South Korea international call forwarding, you can set up a virtual presence in Korea.

What is South Korea international call forwarding?

South Korea international call forwarding is a rather simple, straightforward and affordable call forwarding service that is a real boon for global businesses. Any company can take advantage of these services that are cheaper and more reliable and allow you to run a branch of your company in South Korea without being physically present in the country.

This service allows a business or firm to advertise a local or toll free South Korea number while answering calls from a mobile, landline or computer anywhere in the world. There is a very low startup subscription, limited IT maintenance and no need to hire local labor in Korea or invest in infrastructure.

How does South Korea international call forwarding work?

When you set up a South Korea international call forwarding service, you get a toll free or local South Korean number. You can print this number on your business card or have it featured on your website. When a customer or client calls on the number, his or her call will be routed to a number of your choice. You can have your calls routed to a landline, mobile or even VoIP device.

Local Presence: You will pay a small monthly subscription and your customer will either pay local rates or nothing at all if you opt for a South Korea international toll free number. For a very small cost, you can create a local presence in South Korea and offer your services to the locals.

If your company conducts business with associates across the globe, this service will allow your clients to call you just like they would be making a local call as opposed to expensive international calls. The very fact that you have a local number will help your business grow faster. These virtual numbers that come with call forwarding services are accessible from any country across the globe.

Manage “Ring To” Number: South Korea international call forwarding is easy to setup and easy to use. You will have total control via the online account management as to “where” your calls should be forwarded internationally. You can easily change this number by logging into your account and keying in the new ring to number via the web. The changes are to be saved, and will be activated in real time.

Myriad of Benefits: The international call forwarding service has many other benefits. If you run an eCommerce business, you can route the calls to a call center in your home country, or a unit in another low cost country, where you can hire staff to attend to the calls. You can also record the calls for monitoring purposes. These calls can be played back at a later time to evaluate the performance of your agents.

Benefits of South Korea International Call Forwarding

  • Choose your toll free number or local area code, from the list of available numbers
  • Caller ID
  • Free of cost customized greeting message will be played to the customer
  • Facility to route calls to different numbers based on time of the day
  • Fax forwarding
  • Route your call exactly where you wish – to any corner in the world
  • Change the destination number any time
  • Low set up and monthly subscription for all budgets
  • Additional voice recording service
  • Voicemail and automated greetings

How much does the caller pay?

Your caller in South Korea will pay local charges assessed as per the tariff set by the local telecom provider for dialing your virtual local phone number. In the event that your customer or caller is calling from outside South Korea, he will incur charges as per the long-distance provider’s tariff.

When you opt for a toll free number in South Korea, your caller will pay absolutely nothing since the call will be toll free across the country. This is particularly useful and critical if you run an eCommerce or similar such set up.

What will you pay as an account holder?

As the subscriber of the South Korea international call forwarding service, you will be liable to pay the rate of forwarding the calls from your South Korean virtual number to your destination number. The rates normally depend on the plan you select. While some service providers offer pay as you use charges, some others charge a monthly fee.

South Korea international call forwarding is a win-win for any business owner. Contact us for details on various packages on virtual numbers and a free trial for the international call forwarding service.

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