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China International Virtual Phone Numbers

china international virtual phone numbers

Foreign markets require a new and improved marketing strategy. Businesses used to conducting business in the US, for example, will find a marketplace such as China a shocking environment. Planning, research, and a good grasp on the economic background of the country can set a business up for success.

At Global Call Forwarding, we aid businesses in establishing and strengthening their communication with customers and contacts in foreign countries. China’s unique economy has recently become the strongest in the world, and despite its isolationist regulations, it continues to recognize thousands of foreign businesses each year. Exploring China’s market requires forethought and a solid strategic plan. Communication is critical to the success of that plan. We supply China international virtual phone numbers to guarantee our client’s customers are always able to reach them.

Let’s briefly discuss the background and current standing of China’s economy and how China international virtual phone numbers can prove beneficial to businesses.

China: The World’s Most Dominant Economy

China has a long history as a global economic power. For centuries the nation stood at the forefront of civilization, going beyond what any other could in way of art and science. However, in the 19th and 20th centuries, China experienced severe civil unrest, famines, and military defeats. Once World War II had been forgotten by the world, communists under Mao Zedong began creating a socialist system that would go on to guarantee China’s sovereignty. In 1978, however, Mao’s successor Deng Xiaoping and various other leaders decided to place a strong emphasis on the market and economic development. As a result, by the year 2000 the country had quadrupled its economic output.

China has gone from an extremely closed off and isolated country to one that has a centrally planned system in place and is more geared towards the market. By 2010, China became the world’s largest exporter of goods. With this new standing on the world scene, Chinese governmental officials decided to liberalize prices, decentralize their fiscal regulations, and allow more autonomy for state enterprises. Opening up foreign trade and investment has also helped China become the economic powerhouse it is today. China has gradually changed these reforms in effort to maintain strict control over the direction of the economy.

Today, China continues to renew its support for state-owned enterprises and sectors it deems “important to economic security,” in an effort to foster a competitive market with various industries. Thanks to the restructuring of the country’s economy, China has enjoyed incredible gains leading to a tenfold increase in GDP since 1978. When adjusted for price differences and purchasing power parity (PPP), China in 2015 became the world’s largest economy—outpacing the United States for the first time in history.

Despite this, China continues to have one of the lowest per capita incomes in the world. The Chinese Government is now facing several challenges, namely, reducing a high domestic savings rate and low domestic consumption, encouraging higher wage job opportunities for the middle class, lowering corruption and crime, and scaling back environmental damage.

Businesses interested in creating a presence in China do well to investigate their industry and the potential China offers to those in their sector. Regardless of industry, China international virtual phone numbers can prove beneficial for communication.

What are China International Virtual Phone Numbers?

International virtual phone numbers are used by small and large businesses alike to ensure they can communicate with foreign customers and contacts. Businesses in the US, for example, may be interested in trade with a Chinese business. Purchasing a Chinese international virtual phone number that can then be forwarded to a US phone number, saves their partner on calling costs and time spent dialing complex foreign calling codes.

A virtual number is a telephone number that is directly linked with a telephone line. That phone number can then be managed in the cloud to facilitate customization and call settings as needed. Configuring these ‘virtual’ numbers enables businesses to expand their services and create deeper connections. Utilizing these virtual numbers in connection with local or toll free numbers fosters better communication no matter where the call is coming from or going to.

Benefits of International Virtual Phone Numbers

When businesses purchase Chinese international virtual phone numbers, they are proving their interest in their potential partner or customer’s business, which denotes great respect within Chinese culture. That can, in turn, be used to further negotiations.

At Global Call Forwarding, we provide China international virtual phone numbers that further business in China’s competitive market. Our services enable businesses to adjust their call settings via an online control panel, and include advanced call forwarding features such as simultaneous ringing, customized voicemail greetings, and local ringback tones. Sequential forwarding also ensures that every call gets answered and opportunities are never missed. For information about common issues with China virtual numbers, read our article.

China international virtual phone numbers provide the support foreign businesses need in China’s tough economy. Utilizing an international call forwarding service can propel businesses of all backgrounds towards future success in China.

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