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Chinese International Virtual Phone Numbers

Do you run a business? If you do, then you probably need to use a number of communication methods to get across to customers, prospects, partners, and affiliates.

These days, businesses aren’t restricted to one location anymore – well most of them aren’t, that’s for sure. Thanks to technological innovations, it is now possible to maintain a customer base in a different region even without a physical address there. Businesses have truly gone global, so you can be located in the US and still do business in China.

The thought of doing business in China can be intimidating at first. After all, it is the world’s most populated country, with more than 1.3 billion people.
However doing business in China can still be highly profitable, especially if you get Chinese international virtual phone numbers. Before we talk about Chinese international virtual phone numbers, let’s take a look at the economy of China.

Chinese Economy

The economy of China is the world’s second-largest economy today, with tech giants, financial leaders, and market researchers almost certain that it will be the strongest economy in the world very soon (not in terms of income per capita, however). When the nation first started making reforms in 1978, the nation was very much poor. By 2014, China had brought more people out of poverty than any other nation – 800 million, and the nation is set on thriving, going forward.

The urban areas of China are free from all poverty, and even though the rural areas are still a little behind, much progress is being made. China has a labor-intensive market and a scope for all kinds of industries, especially for foreign investors.

Despite the recent efforts by the Chinese government to clamp down on foreign acquisitions, there are favorable opportunities for businesses to invest in the economy of China. The country does impose a lot of rules and restrictions on foreign investors, but it is still welcoming to overseas businesses who want to explore the Chinese market and become a part of it. There are also Investment Zones that give tax breaks to investors. Since the market is doing well, all you need are Chinese international virtual phone numbers to be able to communicate with your customer base in the country.

What are Chinese International Virtual Phone Numbers?

As a business owner, you probably know the two most important elements of any enterprise – communication and customer service. More often than not, the two go hand in hand.

Without communication it is not possible to know your customer’s needs and grievances, making it difficult to provide appropriate customer service. Regardless of the physical location of your business, it is possible to have customers anywhere in the world, and customers usually desire a phone number in addition to an email address.

So when your business is located in the US and you hand your Chinese customers an American number, it becomes complicated for them to reach you. International calling is expensive and often inconvenient, and you risk losing out on a chunk of customers.

This is when Chinese international virtual phone numbers are useful. Even though they look and function like regular Chinese local numbers, they can actually forward calls to any country of your choice. These Internet-based numbers are widely used by enterprises and individuals alike, for smarter communication and lower call costs.

Since Chinese virtual phone numbers use the Internet instead of traditional copper wires, they are much more efficient and offer a higher quality. Plus, you get to bid goodbye to poor network or voice quality.

Chinese international virtual phone numbers are used to forward calls from China to your office or call center (or even to your mobile phone). Your customers in China don’t even have to know that you don’t yet have a physical address in the country, such is the efficiency of these numbers. The calls are charged at local rates, so no one hesitates in making calls to these numbers.

Benefits of Chinese International Virtual Phone Numbers

Compared to regular numbers, there are a number of benefits that users enjoy with Chinese international virtual phone numbers. The most important benefit is saving on call costs. International calling becomes extremely affordable with Chinese international virtual phone numbers. These numbers are easy to set up and have minimal charges, and do not require any additional equipment or hardware.

Chinese international virtual phone numbers also come with several customization options, like setting a caller menu, transferring calls to voicemail, setting up one or more extensions, and playing music on hold. These features give your business a professional image, and help you win the trust of customers.

Get in touch with Global Call Forwarding, and explore the world of Chinese international virtual phone numbers.

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