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Dubai International Virtual Phone Numbers

Dubai international virtual phone numbers come in really handy to those who intend on having a virtual office in the Emirate without actually setting up a physical one. In other words, you can have a virtual Dubai number that can be accessible from anywhere in the world, allowing you a point of direct contact within Dubai, available via everywhere.

Your customers call that number and their calls in turn, get transferred to your cell phone or landline somewhere else in the world where you are stationed or choose to be.

Dubai’s Economic Scenario

Over the last three decades or so, Dubai has truly established itself as a grand commercial hub both globally and also in the United Arab Emirates. The financial and IT sectors have grown in the city by leaps and bounds with some of the best IT companies in the world opening up offices here. It has also turned out to be a home to some of the world’s largest media companies, which have set up full-fledged stations and studios for broadcasting news.

Tourism is Dubai’s main revenue earner and the city boasts of some of the best tourist destinations and hotels in the world. The Burj Al Arab Hotel for instance, is a Mecca for tourists to the city, which features some of the finest shopping centers and gold souks for the discerning tourists of the world.

Gourmet cuisine, amusement parks, and other forms of entertainment have singled out this emirate as the world’s 7th most visited tourist destination, and a whopping 15 million tourists were recorded in 2016. Even though the country’s economy has been somewhat adversely affected due to the dip in oil prices, it is expected to bounce back shortly, with steady growth predicted once again.

Getting Your Dubai International Virtual Phone Numbers

Both individuals and businesses are able to get Dubai international virtual phone numbers. For instance, once you get one of these numbers from your service provider, any calls made to your virtual Dubai numbers will be forwarded to your landline or mobile, whether you’re in New York, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Mexico, Paris, Moscow, or Istanbul, just to name a few locations possible. The caller, however, will have no clue they aren’t calling your physical office in Dubai.

For those living abroad, calling someone in Dubai becomes much easier and more affordable through a Dubai international virtual phone number that is forwarded automatically, and the cost of such international calls will also be much more economical.

Moreover, these numbers are accessible from over 90 countries throughout the world and 6,500 cities. International multi-channel virtual local numbers, also known as multi-channel DID direct numbers for inward dialing are also available.

You just need to select a private operator, like Global Call Forwarding, get into its website, choose a number from the vast online inventory, pay a fee and get it activated within sixty seconds. That’s it!


All users of Dubai International Virtual Phone Numbers unanimously agree that they get multiple benefits from using them. It allows them to set up the numbers from any country in the world, with the option of saving them even if/ when the company’s address has changed.

Strict confidentiality is maintained for all conversations made on these lines, along with recording facilities for future reference. Marketing companies have derived poignant benefits from these numbers, particularly for their ad campaigns, and most users have been able to save substantially on costs for international calls.

Any incoming call is transferrable to a landline in your virtual office or home, cell phone, Skype, and SIP account. You just need to choose where you want the call forwarded by changing the settings on your online account. Moreover, you don’t need to keep checking your CRM all the time as there’s a choice to get SMS or email alerts for every marketing lead. This ensures perpetual connectivity with your customers, and full awareness at all times to know what’s going on in all corners of your business.

Seamless CRM integration is possible with an existing CRM like Salesforce, FreshDesk, and Zendesk, which ensures all records are kept up-to-date. The Whitelisting API feature enables contact with NDNC numbers and the API offers immunity from legal problems that may arise if these numbers are called by mistake or accidentally. The API seeks the appropriate consent by way of automated SMSs.

These numbers also offer the benefit of a Super Receptionist for Android phones. This helps you track your business’s activities while you are mobile through call analytics, health indicators, customer insights, recordings, and coin balances.

Moreover, the Unified Management system allows the addition or deletion of forwarding numbers, access to recordings and logs, listening to voicemails, and modifications of your call settings from a single panel.

Furthermore, all calls can be recorded, if you would like this feature added to your plan, doing so can be done easily through your control panel. Thus monitoring and analyzing customer support quality becomes much easier.

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