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Saudi Arabia International Virtual Phone Numbers

Located along the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia is one of the most promising countries in the Middle East in terms of trade. Although oil has always been the main wealth resource, the country has been witnessing burgeoning growth in other sectors in recent years. If you are interested in doing business here, you may want to buy Saudi Arabia international virtual phone numbers to assist in your expansion into this growing and prosperous nation. Virtual phone numbers enable you to have a local number, whether it’s a Saudi Arabian number (or local to elsewhere), and have those calls forwarded automatically to the number of your choice.

The growth of the private sector is in decent health, and as a result, international players find Saudi Arabia to be a useful country to expand their businesses. Because of this, virtual phone numbers assist international entrepreneurs in setting up a local presence in the country without having to invest in an office setup. So, if the time comes and you decide to expand your company into a new country such as Saudi Arabia, these virtual numbers may become extremely beneficial to you.
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If you are looking to expand your business in an economically refined country such as Saudi Arabia, which has a population of over 28,160,273, all you’ll have to do is simply press the button for your Saudi Arabia international virtual phone numbers in order to maximize your local business. This can help your business grow with authenticity and credibility, as many people often feel more comfortable working with local businesses that have legitimate local presences.

An Overview of the Economy of Saudi Arabia

Although petroleum has been the mainstay of the South Arabian economy, accounting for 87% of the budget revenues, other industries such as industrial gases, petrochemicals, plastics, cement, and construction industries have also caught up quickly with the growing trend. Saudi Arabia had a GDP of $1.731 trillion in 2016, and though the government retains a strong level of control on the nation’s economic activities, they aim to diversify the economy by bringing in foreign workers.

Right now, there are many opportunities for international companies to take advantage of this growth, within a wide array of different business sectors. Saudi Arabia international virtual phone numbers can propel your marketing process in the country, in addition to assisting you in providing reliable options for handling customer support to the masses.

What are Saudi Arabia International Virtual Phone Numbers?

Saudi Arabia international virtual phone numbers are phone numbers designed to cater to the business interests of international firms. These numbers are not connected to any local telecom network and are based on a cloud-based system, which can be forwarded to any given geo-location.

As these numbers are used to establish the basic communication infrastructure in the country to connect with customers, they basically mimic local numbers, as the country code of Saudi Arabia is 966, with the overall structure of the number remaining the same.

This means that companies choosing to buy Saudi Arabia international virtual phone numbers will get a virtual phone number starting with the same digits.

Even if you operate from a distant land, customers will have no knowledge of it. There are over 3,746,906 landline connections, and around 52 million cellular/ mobile connections in Saudi Arabia. So, if you have the desire to expand your business among these masses, Saudi Arabia international virtual phone numbers can help you in that endeavor, in the easiest manner.

How do Saudi Arabia International Virtual Phone Numbers operate?

As virtual phone numbers are all connected through a PBX system, these can be connected to any corner of the world. Moreover, they are charged as per the rates of a local call. When a customer tries to call your company, the call is forwarded to a number of your choice, which can be a landline number, mobile number, or even a voice mail inbox.

With the advent of technology, setting up a virtual phone number in today’s digitized world is no Herculean task. In fact, there is no need to install any additional hardware. All you need to do is to simply buy your Saudi Arabia international virtual phone numbers. The set up is quick and simple and you can start using the services the very same day. No wires, no high installation fees, no unnecessary run-around. Simply buy your Saudi Arabia phone number, set it up, input your details online, and you are all set to go.

All the calls to your company can be directed to your configured number, which means that they can be received on any telephone, mobile gadget or call center. The cloud system connects the entire world using this infrastructure. Therefore, you can establish your local identity even if you have never visited the country before.

Advantages of Saudi Arabia International Virtual Phone Numbers

Before you get one of these numbers, take a look at the advantages that your company can enjoy by using Saudi Arabia international virtual phone numbers.

  • Smart technology: Features like click-to-call, auto call recording, auto-call answering and sequential call forwarding ensure that your company does not miss out on any calls. The recorded calls can be used to settle disputes, if any, in addition to quality monitoring purposes.
  • Auto-attendant: You do not have to hire executives or agents to attend to calls throughout the day. You can instead opt for features such as the auto attendant to receive calls after business hours. The auto-attendant will play a recorded message of your choice and direct customers to call back during business hours. With this feature, you will never have to incur any loss in business or reputation when you avail Saudi Arabia international virtual phone numbers.
  • Lower costs: The costs of these calls are lower than international call rates. This means your customers can reach out to you at the cost of a local call.

If you are setting up a new business or expanding your business in Saudi, simply get a Saudi Arabian phone number from Global Call Forwarding and steer your business with confidence and authority. Contact us for more details on the many packages and discounts available on Saudi International Virtual numbers.

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