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Thailand International Virtual Phone Numbers

Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand is the world’s 50th-largest country. The country has a tropical climate, which with the exception of the southern region, experiences three seasons; cool, rainy, and hot. The cool season spans from November to February, the hot season March to May, and the rainy season spans June to October. The southern part of the country maintains a tropical rainforest climate throughout the year.

Thailand is headed by a constitutional monarchy and for the past few decades has alternated between a military junta and a parliamentary democracy. The country is divided into 75 different provinces, known as changwat and a single administrative district which is comprised of Bangkok and the surrounding regions. Bangkok is Thailand’s capital and the most densely populated area.

The Thai language is the standard spoken language. As such, it is used throughout the country for administrative and governmental purposes. Regional dialects are particularly distinct in the north and south of the country. Other languages spoken in Thailand include Chinese, Malay, Lao, and Mon-Khmer. Spoken English is becoming more popular, particularly in politics and business. It is taught throughout secondary schools and universities as a second language.

Thai culture is strongly influenced by Indian and Chinese traditions. Buddhism is the official religion. The family is the foundation for Thai life, and it is common for extended family members to live in the family home. Families in Thailand are much more close-knit that Western families and children have a special place in Thai society.

Thailand’s Economy

The Thai economy is the 20th largest in the world by GDP. Thailand has been a newly industrialized country since the 1990s and is now also a major exporter. The leading sectors of Thai economy are manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism. Thailand has a low unemployment rate due to a large percentage of the population working in agriculture or doing unpaid family work.

One of the leading influences on the advancement of Thai economy has been agricultural development, which took place over two distinct phases. The first phase lasted from the 1960s to the 1980s, during this time the Thai economy was heavily depended on agriculture. During the second phase, the growth of the agricultural sector continued albeit more slowly. Advances were made through mechanization and the availability of credit.

The industrial sector is comprised of manufacturing, construction, mining, gas, and water. It contributes over 40% to the Thai economy. This figure has gradually increased as agriculture has declined. The promotion of exports has been a major influencing factor for the development of industry in Thailand

The service sector not only contributes over 45% of Thailand’s GDP, but it also provides more than 50% of employment. Thailand’s service sector has remained roughly the same for the past 50 years. The prominent contributors to this sector are retail and wholesale trade, tourism, transportation, and travel-related activities.

Doing Business in Thailand

Doing business in Thailand does have its challenges, but having an awareness of the traditions and gathering local knowledge can help you significantly. Starting a business in Thailand means you have to deal with a number of legal, tax and regulatory complications. But you can avoid these by setting up Thailand international virtual phone numbers. Virtual numbers allow you to maintain a presence in Thailand without having to set up an office there. This will save your company time and money.

Why Your Business Needs Thailand International Virtual Phone Numbers

  • No need to buy dedicated hardware
  • Add customizable features like call recording and white and blacklisting.
  • Customers can avoid long-distance charges.
  • Use simultaneous calling so calls will never be missed.
  • Do business wherever you are.
  • Eliminate barriers caused by time zones.
  • Create a customized greeting.
  • Use local ringtones.
  • Direct your call to multiple numbers.
How Thailand International Virtual Phone Numbers Work

With Global Call Forwarding, it takes only minutes to set up Thailand international virtual phone numbers. Once you have purchased your numbers, they will be ready to use very quickly. Your customers call the local number, we forward the call to you, to the number of your choice, and you pick up the call directly or through your private branch exchange system. It couldn’t be easier. You can also add a range of advanced features such as SMS forwarding, fax forwarding, call recording, failover forwarding, time of day routing, and account management.

Call us today and let us help you get your business contacts set up in Asia with Thailand international virtual phone numbers. We will even set you up with a free trial, so you can see just how valuable Thailand international virtual phone numbers are for your company.

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