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United States International Virtual Phone Numbers

With changing times, comes changing technology. About two decades ago, communication technology meant telephones, and emails in their nascent stage back when personal computers were first hitting the scene. Businesses that use United States International Virtual Phone Numbers can gain an edge over their competition.

Only big businesses with a lot of money to spare could afford to have customers and partners in different regions or countries because communication was expensive. Long-distance calls were inconvenient and pricey, and smaller businesses still didn’t enjoy the ease of emails.

As a result, local businesses remained local, without the budget or resources to expand into different regions or countries.

It is much easier to have a customer base in any part of the world today. Small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers have clients all over the world, even if they work from their living room, or from the beach!

Communication has become so convenient with virtual phone numbers that your customers or clients don’t have to know that you work from home or your garage. Receive calls on the go with modern call forwarding, and keep customers all over the world happy with the prompt communication.

What are United States international virtual phone numbers all about?

It is impossible to get your customers’ feedback without a channel for communication. A direct line of contact with the support staff is a central aspect of customer service, and this service has to be prompt, efficient, and catered to the local region. How does a business achieve the local flavor without an office or call center in the region?

The easiest way to expand your business in the US is by listing your company on business directories like the US Chamber of Commerce, and provide a local number for communication.

Call forwarding makes it possible to have local US numbers even you are based overseas. International virtual phone numbers act as local numbers for US residents but connect to your office in any part of the world. United States international virtual phone numbers are charged at local rates, and callers might not even know you are based somewhere else!

How does the system work?

Virtual call forwarding is a digital marvel. Despite emails racing ahead of telephones, phone calls are still popular in business communication where a direct and personal touch is also preferred. Customer service is one area where a phone number is an absolute must.

People still want to talk directly, instead of typing emails. This human touch that telephone communication provides is the main reason why United States international virtual phone numbers are in vogue. No matter where your office or call center is located, US callers can reach you easily anytime.

The system uses VoIP telephony to forward calls. When you purchase the service, you must select the region for which you want these virtual numbers. The numbers you get have the area codes of your chosen regions, and act as local numbers for your US callers.

These incoming calls are routed through a PBX system and connected to your company phone. However, this works only for inbound calls. If you want to call back your customers using United States international virtual phone numbers, you have to subscribe to additional features like click-to-call.

The PBX system allows users to configure the call settings. You can choose numbers where calls are to be forwarded, using different numbers or departments for different United States international virtual phone numbers. There’s also the option of scheduling calls for a later time, recording calls, and having unanswered calls sent to voicemail.

You can also choose to receive email notifications about every voicemail. With advanced configuration options, you also get the facilities of video and conference calls. United States international virtual phone numbers are a complete solution for small and medium businesses.

Benefits of United States international virtual phone numbers

The biggest advantage of United States international virtual phone numbers is the affordability. Telephone communication is more expensive than emails or other forms of electronic communication, and when it comes to international calling, the cost sky rockets.

For an organization, this means increasing overhead costs and financial crunch. To help small businesses avoid high costs while also reaping benefits of modern-day communications, United States international virtual phone numbers have come into being. These virtual numbers do not require any expensive hardware or software installations, and cut down international call costs by a huge margin which is awesome considering most countries have taxes that are too high including America so when you can save money by also expanding your business it just makes more sense.

International virtual phone numbers open up doors that normally would not be open for many small or medium size business.

Additional benefits include ease of communication and portability, since you can receive calls from any region in the US on any device (mobile or landline) and at any time. A plethora of small businesses have expanded into foreign markets with the help of these virtual numbers. With easy configuration options and simple setup process, United States international virtual phone numbers are a rage among businesses. They help you transcend geographical boundaries and get closer to local customers.

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