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US International Virtual Phone Numbers

At Global Call Forwarding, we provide US international virtual phone numbers to businesses and individuals seeking to establish themselves in faraway markets. Expanding an international business is no easy task. It requires a firm grasp on marketing tactics, cultural differences, and a clear line of communication. Businesses who wish to excel in the US marketplace should consider virtual phone numbers and the benefits they offer.

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The United States is one of the world’s strongest economies. Its diverse economic sectors – including technology, trade, and the service industry – create an open doorway to both foreign and domestic businesses. Because of this, multinational corporations often set their sights on the US as their first stopping point for international business.

Our US international virtual phone numbers help businesses achieve a greater presence in the US market. Let’s take a moment to review what doing business in the US is like and what businesses should keep in mind before opening operations in the nation.

US Economic Policies and Standing

The United States has a strong economy that is largely backed by technology. The per capita GDP of the country is some $54,800, one of the strongest in the world. The nation’s top firms are those that excel in technology, military product development, computers, medical, aerospace engineering and pharmaceuticals.

The US government is largely propped up by private marketplace businesses and services. From food to oil to technology, the US economy is built around capitalist economic policies that require the private market to supply the goods the government requires. This puts companies and businesses in an excellent position to offer their services to both the public and governmental sectors.

The United States’ largest competitor is China. The Chinese economy has a slight lead on the US economy, thanks to trade deals and cheaper labor costs. Manufacturers and companies have moved their business offshore to China and India in order to keep costs at a minimum and ensure larger profits for themselves.

This is one of the United States’ greatest challenges. Other economic struggles include foreign trade and partnership. Some foreign businesses and firms face barriers when expanding to the US because of restrictive trade policies and a lack of an open marketplace. However, globalization has pushed back against these policies, and the US is starting to change the way it views foreign trade.

Imported oil also has a strong effect on the US economy. Some 55% of foreign crude oil supports the economy, and the US continues to be one of the largest importers of oil in the world. Thanks to lower gas and oil prices, the US has enjoyed a slight economic increase since 2013. Overall, the United States is one of the largest consumer nations in the world, providing plenty of opportunity for expansion and growth of foreign companies.

How US International Virtual Phone Numbers Work

A US International virtual phone number is a telephone number that doesn’t have a direct telephone line associated with it. That number can be managed from the cloud and altered to fit the needs of a business or individual. With Global Call Forwarding, we allow businesses to log in to our control panel and configure their virtual phone number settings—for example, to set a destination phone number and change advanced feature settings.

Virtual phone numbers can be designed for local or toll free calling, according to the needs of a business. International call forwarding enables businesses in India, as an example, to forward calls from the US to their desired phone line. No matter where a number needs to be forwarded to it can be managed with an international virtual number.

Why Businesses Use International Virtual Phone Numbers

Securing a standing in a foreign country is not easy. Businesses located outside of the US, but who are interested in launching a branch there can use US international virtual phone numbers to build a United States presence from the ground up. There are a few ways businesses can benefit from international numbers.

If a business owns a call center in a physical location such as India, and their customers are located in the US, they understand a high volume of calls will be coming from the US. With an international virtual phone number, customers in the United States can dial a US toll free phone number and the phone call will automatically be forwarded to the call center in India. This saves the business on overhead costs by using a more affordable labor force. Customers in the US are also happier because the call center is free and easy to contact.

At Global Call Forwarding, we help businesses of all sorts establish themselves within a competitive United States marketplace with US international virtual phone numbers and a host of advanced features. From simultaneous ringing to local ringback tones, our service is designed to position businesses for success.

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