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Palm Beach County Local Business Numbers

Economic Scenario of Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County’s present economic indicators point to the fact that the area has a healthy and vibrant economy, which is not only growing steadily but thriving as well. The area stretches over 4,400 square kilometers, Palm Beach is one of the largest counties in the eastern United States and that marvelous state of Florida’s third-largest.

Among all the 3,100 US counties, Palm Beach belongs to that select group of just 22 counties which have been given the highest bond rating – AAA, by all three major US rating agencies, Fitch, Moody’s Investors Services and Standard & Poor’s. Incidentally, Palm Beach is Florida’s only county earning this accolade.

In fact, Fitch has described this county as one of the wealthiest in the US with a per capita income that’s nearly 50 percent higher than national and state averages. The county is known for its diversifying and vital economic base, solid financials and low to moderate debts.

Luxury tourism, agriculture, and technology manufacturing are the three main revenue earners for Palm Beach County.

Why Opt For Palm Beach County Local Business Numbers?

Given the huge opportunities for doing business successfully in Palm Beach County, it always makes sense to go for local business numbers, even if you aren’t actually setting up an office there. The unstoppable march of Internet telephony has made this possible in the area, coupled with reduced telephony costs that allow businesses to save anything between 20 to 40 percent on operating costs.

VoIP platforms are readily provided by a host of private telecom operators and which eliminates the requirement for multiple PSTN and PBX gateways. This allows any business to operate on a singular hosted and managed service.

VoIP platforms that are so readily available in Palm Beach County have proved to be real catalysts for change. You get to answer all your calls on mobile devices and/or laptops, use any devices to make calls from your office, get to access your voicemails while you’re on the move and also receive faxes in your personal inbox.

How Palm Beach County’s Local Business Numbers Work

The Palm Beach County local business number network from Global Call Forwarding operates as a web-based service with no equipment required. Simply get a new phone number from Palm Beach County, and have calls forwarded to any phone or VoIP/SIP anywhere in the world.

Getting a new number from Global Call Forwarding saves you money because you have no new phone lines to purchase, no new wiring and no fresh hardware and/or equipment to install either. Everything is web-based.

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