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UK Local Business Numbers

The United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union is about to become much too real as prime minister Theresa May holds true to her promise of invoking article 50 by March of 2017 and let the British exit from the union. This, of course, has resulted in the Sterling Pound tumbling and hitting 31 year lows against the dollar.  Global Call Forwarding has UK local business numbers available for purchase now.

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This economic news might sound dire, but the UK is still one of the most stable and reliable economies in the world and once the dust has settled, it will recover, although to what degree is up for question at the moment. So if you want to take advantage of the current uncertainty taking place in the country, you can get UK local business numbers to establish a presence and be around as the recovery takes place.

The Messy Divorce

The separation between the UK and the European Union (EU) has been described as a divorce, and like all divorces, it could be amicable or get very messy. For the EU, it is all about saving face and not treating the UK with any preference, even though it is one of the largest economies in the world. Once article 50 is invoked, in theory the UK shouldn’t have any special privileges when it comes to trade, but it is worth mentioning again the UK’s economic standing in the world.

As far as the UK and Theresa May, it is about following the will of the people and the referendum that made all this possible. So when it’s all said and done, there will eventually being new trade agreements between the EU and everyone else around the world, the question is how long it is going to take and what will the damage be to both sides.

The British Economy within the Context of Brexit

The UK is still in the EU and its departure is around the corner, but the economic data is looking good for the country. The number of people working is close to record levels, an unemployment rate is at 4.8 percent, it ranks 13th in the world in per capita at $43,902 and sixth in terms of GDP.

If you want a country in which to establish a business, these economic indicators are great all around, which makes UK local business numbers a great way to bolster any investments you make in the UK.

UK Local Business Numbers with Call Forwarding

Using the current digital technology, your company, whether you run it from your home or a large enterprise, virtual numbers will allow you to expand globally and be available to your customers in thousands of cities around the world. And just like the phone number of an established company, you’ll be able to access enterprise-like features.

The virtual UK local business numbers from Global Call Forwarding come with advanced features designed to be customized and programmed to give each customer the ability to create a solution that addresses their specific needs. These features are available without having to make costly capital and operational expenditures with the purchase and maintenance of complicated phone system equipment.

Once you establish UK local business numbers, Global Call Forwarding provides an Account Management system with an easy to use Customer Control Panel so you can manage your account from any computer, anytime, anywhere. And the platform provides total control by letting you add services, set up call forwarding preferences, view invoices and call details with date, time, phone numbers, and duration as well as modifying Advanced Features.

The Advanced Features from Global Call Forwarding for your UK local business numbers include, Customized Greeting, Local Ringback Tones, Voicemail, Voicemail to email, Advanced IVR/PBX, Call Recording and more.

The Value of Call Recording

The value of the call recording feature that comes as an optional feature of your UK local business numbers from Global Call Forwarding can’t be understated in today’s highly regulated environment. Whether you are aware or not, the business and legal laws in the UK as well as many countries around the world require you to comply with a wide range of regulations depending on the industry you happen to be in when it comes to dealing with customers. And one of these regulations is, call recording. Failure to comply can result in heavy fines as well as costly lawsuits from consumers.

With the call recording from Global Call Forwarding your inbound calls from the UK local business numbers can be recorded automatically and you can also select any call forwarding numbers to record and save calls from. You can enable or disable the call recording on a single or multiple call forwarding service lines.

Besides the benefits of protecting yourself from regulators, call recording can improve customer service by carrying out quality control when employees are interacting with callers, train employees and protect you from lawsuits by keeping an accurate record if you happen to get sued.

In today’s connected world, the communications solution you choose has to be reliable, available and give you the ability to control the services you have selected with a flexible platform. The Global Call Forwarding Account Management system and the advanced call forwarding features let you adapt and make the necessary changes as your needs grow.

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