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Australia Local Business Phone Numbers

For business owners in Australia, a local business phone number will make it possible for customers and contacts to call the business at a local calling cost. So if you want to access a population that generates 58 percent of its GDP in the service sector, a local business number in Australia will make it possible.

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Australia consistently ranks as one of the best places to live in, even the UN’s Human Development Index (HDI) ranks the country second in the world in terms of economics, education, and life expectancy. All in all, if you want a good economic climate, great education and live long enough to enjoy it, Australia seems to have the right prescription.

Australia: The Lucky Country

Australia is also known as the ‘Lucky Country’, which comes from Donald Horne’s description. With an indigenous population of 2.6 percent, everyone else in Australia is a descendant of a migrant, which carries a lot of similarities to the US. And just like the US, Australians are known for their entrepreneurial spirit.

With a population of a little under 23 million, Australia has the 12 largest nominal GDP in the world and a per capita of $52,000, which ranks it 5th in the world. This is attributed to the entrepreneurial spirit mentioned earlier and a business climate that encourages individuals to go after their dreams.

In addition to the service sector, the rest of the GDP is comprised of retail trade, mining, construction, and manufacturing. With Australia local business phone numbers, companies that support these industries can have a local presence even if they are not based in the country.

The Economy of Australia

The Australian economy, which has greatly relied on mining for some time will have to diversify if it still wants to be called the ‘Lucky Country’. The economy has shrunk in the third quarter of 2016, and since it is one of only four quarterly contractions in the past quarter-century, it is news. But keen on keeping its AAA credit rating, Australia is looking to balance its budget even as economists call for similar stimulus initiatives as in the US and UK.

Australia wasn’t impacted by the global recession like the rest of the world, and while it is now experiencing a decline, the fundamentals, low population, and the country’s desirability still makes it a great prospect to establish a business.

Although starting a business in Australia is relatively easy, it has one of the most expensive real-estate prices in the world. This, of course, depends on where you establish yourself. Melbourne and Sidney are notoriously famous for their high prices, while the rest of the country still has many pockets that are still affordable. But before you go there, you can get Australia local business phone numbers and give the locals a number they can use to get in touch with your company.

This approach will get your foot in the door and you can let the Australia local business numbers be your calling card until you decide to make the move there, or just continue using the numbers to operate remotely with a local presence.

Get a Virtual Business Presence in Australia with Local Phone Numbers

Not long ago, geography was a great barrier for a business looking to establish itself in different regions around the world. Granted this wasn’t a problem and to this day isn’t for large enterprises, but for everyone else, the capital and operational expenditure of opening a branch in another country is not financially feasible. But being local today doesn’t always mean opening a brick and mortar storefront in Sydney or Perth.

If you want to reach Australians locally, Global Call Forwarding can provide you with local Australia business numbers just as easily as getting one here in the US. With a local Australian number, anytime someone from Down under calls, it will be forwarded to any phone you select on a single phone line, wherever you are. This not only makes you more accessible to the local population, but they won’t have to worry about dialing an international code to get in touch with you and your business.

Global Call Forwarding brings the experience of more than two decades and an established reputation earned by providing services to some of the biggest brands in the world, as well as SMBs and entrepreneurs. With access to over 150 countries and thousands of cities, Global Call Forwarding has the largest selection of local numbers, which includes local Australia business numbers.

Delivering access to a local market requires a network infrastructure that is always up and running with 24/7 technical support, and Global Call Forwarding uses a combination of tier-one carriers to ensure calls always go through with clarity that is crystal. So calls made with Australia local business phone numbers will get to your destination as if they were being made locally to where you are.

Forward Phone Calls from Australia with a Local Business Phone Number

With today’s information and communications technologies (ICT), you can easily establish a local presence by creating a website and having Australians visit the site. However, it is not the same as having a local number where someone from Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane can dial-up locally and get in touch with you. With a local Australia business phone number you can provide a service that is more personal in a country where the service sector is responsible for generating almost 1/3 of its GDP.

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