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China Local Business Phone Numbers

The world economy has completely changed. Today more than ever, businesses have to think internationally. Companies interested in expanding their reach within these global markets, such as China, do well to determine how they will communicate with audiences around the world. Thankfully, technology has changed along with globalization, leading to advanced communication methods.

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In China, businesses from all over the world are eager to develop contacts and home bases to tap into this exploding market. Despite this, there are still many challenges to overcome, including political legislation, a diverse migrant population, and currency differences. Regardless, China has the world’s largest economy and is on pace to continue to hold on to its place on the world’s stage.

Of course, gaining access to the country’s growing business sectors is a key ingredient for securing a spot among its competitive market. At Global Call Forwarding, we provide new and established businesses with an easier way to tap into the Chinese marketplace—through China local business phone numbers. Local phone numbers make it easier to connect with the local audience and do much more for businesses that use them.

Prior to opening up a business, or prior to establishing a presence in China, we highly recommend developing a better understanding of the Chinese economy and what customers expect from businesses. Later, we will also take a look at how China local business phone numbers can improve any business’s opportunity in the world’s fastest-growing economy.

China—A World Economic Leader

In the late 1970s, China transformed its economy from an aloof, completely closed economic system, to one that was centrally focused and market-orientated. By 2010, China had earned its place as the world’s largest exporter. Today, China is revamping support for its state-owned enterprises that are considered important to the government’s economic security. As a result, the country’s GDP has increased more than ten times what it was in 1978. By 2015, China was the largest economy in the world, which was the first time in modern history that it surpassed the US. Not so much a coincidence, it was around this same time that the Chinese economy moved away from a US currency backing.

Despite its growth, the Chinese Government and corresponding economy faces several challenges including a high domestic savings rate and low domestic consumption, low wages for its middle class, an increasing number of college graduates, and high corruption rates. In line with this, the government released a Five-Year plan in November 2015, to fight back against these issues. The plan included elements to increase innovation and domestic consumption to try to create an economy that was less dependent on fixed investments and exports. This is, in fact, the best time for small and large businesses to look to China to grow their business.

How China Local Business Phone Numbers Work

Businesses interested in investing in the Chinese economy could not choose a better time to do so. Creating a clear line for communication, however, should be a top priority for these businesses. China local business phone numbers provide this line of communication.

At Global Call Forwarding, we offer China local business phone numbers that enable businesses to connect clearly and quickly with customers and contacts in the area. Once a phone number is purchased, individuals can call the number from China and that number will then be forwarded to any phone in the world. Businesses located in the US that wish to do business in China don’t have to worry about passing on expensive international calling fees to their customers or missed opportunities. Local numbers require no work on the part of the phone number owner or caller.

How Businesses Benefit from Having Local Chinese Phone Numbers

There are several palpable benefits from investing in China local business phone numbers.

For example, a business that operates out of the US or from another faraway land, can simply have their calls picked up and forwarded to call teams in various time zones so that their customers always receive a response.

Another benefit is establishing a presence without going through the effort and expense of setting up a brick and mortar office overseas. Contacts in China can quickly call businesses for local rates leading to happier relations.

Mobility without sacrificing accessibility is imperative for businesses, no matter where they are located. At Global Call Forwarding, we help businesses make forwarding changes to local numbers quickly and easily through our online control panel. This improves mobility and accessibility.

Above all, however, China local business phone numbers are affordable. Customized to the phone number owner’s preferences, each number is an excellent addition to any small to medium-sized organization’s communication center.

At Global Call Forwarding, we also offer extended features such as free voicemail set up, easy to use online management control panels, sequential forwarding, failover forwarding, local ringtones, simultaneous ringing and so much more.

Businesses seeking to tap into the developing Chinese economy can benefit greatly from investing in China local business phone numbers and the advanced features that come along with them.

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