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German Local Business Phone Numbers

Germany is located in Western Europe and has a breathtaking landscape of mountain ranges, rivers, forests, and beaches on the North Sea. The country’s capital, Berlin, is home to vibrant art and nightlife scenes, while Munich is renowned for its annual Oktoberfest, and Frankfurt for its urban center and banking hub.

Why you Need German Local Business Phone Numbers

If you wish to start doing business in Germany, the first thing you need is German local business phone numbers. They are essential for establishing a local presence without the need for you to establish an office or warehouse there. German local business phone numbers provide you with a powerful virtual portal that you can use to control your whole communication system. With German local business phone numbers from Global Call Forwarding, you can also add customizable features such as voicemail to email, simultaneous call forwarding, time of day routing, failover forwarding and rollover minutes.

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The German Economy

Germany has a highly developed social market economy which is also the largest national economy in the European region and the fourth largest in the world. In 2016 Germany was the world’s largest capital exporter. Around 70 percent of Germany’s GDP comes from the service sector. Industry covers around 29 percent and agriculture, around 10 percent. Germany’s main exports are comprised of automated vehicles, chemical goods, electronic products, machinery, pharmaceuticals, basic metals, rubber and plastics, and food products.

Germany is rich in natural resources such as timber, copper, nickel, salt, uranium, and natural gas. The country derives much of its energy from fossil fuels and nuclear power, though wind, gas, hydro, and solar are becoming more popular options. Germany is the leading global producer of wind turbines.

Businesses in Germany

99 percent of all small and medium-sized German businesses belong to “Mittelstand,” which is defined by a broad set of values such as family ownership, independence, long-term focus, investment into the workforce, and social responsibility. 52 of the world’s largest publicly listed companies are headquartered in Germany. These include Volkswagen, BMW, Siemens, Daimler, and BASF.

Around 4 percent of global investment pours into Germany and not many other countries are as connected to the world economy, making it a good place to have business connections. Thanks to structural reform, the economy is much more competitive than it used to be.

Who Can Call Your German Local Business Phone Numbers?

When you check out the offerings of German local business phone numbers from Global Call Forwarding, you will see just how accessible these virtual numbers are. In fact, there is no limitation for coverage throughout the country with toll-free and local numbers.

Your customers, friends, family or colleagues will simply call your German local business phone numbers and their calls will be directed to the phone number or numbers of your choice, whether it’s your call center, office phone, or personal line. You can even choose which numbers you want your calls routed to depending on the time of day, so you’ll never miss a call.
German local business phone numbers are an ideal way to expand your company, especially if you have a startup or small business, as they can save you lots of money.

German Culture

From its very foundations, Germany has been shaped by many of the major intellectual currents throughout Europe. The country has many enduring traditions and festivals, from the annual Day of German Unity and Oktoberfest to their flamboyant Christmas celebrations.

To outsiders, German culture may at first seem rather formal. There is a clear distinction between the formal and informal terms for ‘you.’ If you want to make friends in Germany you will need to make an effort to introduce yourself to your neighbors and colleagues. Germans are dedicated to their jobs and generally do not participate in small talk, but prefer to focus on the tasks at hand. However, German people do have a softer friendly side once they warm up to you.

You will soon realize that German people have a tendency to compartmentalize life and business, and work relationships are kept very much separate from business relationships. Equally, in the workplace, job roles tend to be compartmentalized, so you will see specialists from each department attending meetings.

Benefits of German Local Business Phone Numbers

As well as cost savings, a virtual phone system is accessible anywhere, not only at your desk. That means whether you’re at home, in a business meeting or traveling overseas, you can still receive all your calls, and work can continue seamlessly even when you’re not in the office.

Regardless of how often you move your office or change your landline numbers, German local business phone numbers will mean you never have to change your business number, so you will always look professional no matter how dynamic and fluid your business is.

Call Global Call Forwarding today to find out more about how we can help you establish a business presence in Germany and throughout the world using German local business phone numbers.

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