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India Local Business Phone Numbers

The last 30 years saw China rise to claim the second spot in economic power in the world, and many have compared the current climate in India as a great opportunity to achieve the same feat.  While India has almost the same amount of people at 1.3 billion, everything else is pretty much very different, making the comparison a stretch by all accounts. However, even if India is able to achieve half of what China has managed to do, it would be a spectacular accomplishment.

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Since manufacturing is what got China out of poverty, India is placing great emphasis in the same sector. In 2014, the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and the government launched an initiative called “Make in India” to encourage domestic and multinational companies to manufacture their products in the country. With all the influx of talent and capital, India local business phone numbers become that much more important to communicate effectively with a local presence.

Narendra Modi and His Economics

When Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party won a strong parliamentary majority in 2014 along with his current position of Prime Minister, many had hoped he would take the victory as a mandate and free India from its biggest obstacle for growth, crushing regulations. Two years on, Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party have made some economic gains, but many of the destructive economic policies still persist, which are in part responsible for not delivering the promise of India’s true potential. But with so much human capital, India is still seen by many as the next China.

This human capital is clearly evident in the global IT sector, which is on display by Indian C level executives in many of the businesses in Silicon Valley, as well as companies around the world in different industries that have a high degree of IT implementation.

This of course will require getting rid of the regulations so everyone in India, as well as foreign investors, can make the country their base of operations. With India local business phone numbers, companies and entrepreneurs can set up local numbers across the different states and cities in the country.

Economic Growth of India

With a nominal GDP of $2.384 trillion, India just overtook Great Britain, becoming the sixth largest economy in the world in 2016. At the same time it also became the world’s fastest growing economy, surpassing China in February of this year, which according to the International Monetary Fund, India will continue to hold this position for the foreseeable future.

This will be maintained with continued development and growth in information and communications technologies (ICT), retail, healthcare, education and training, manufacturing and the food industry. And for companies looking to serve the consumers and businesses in these industries, they’ll need India local business phone numbers.

Do Business in India with Local Numbers

Local business phone numbers from Global Call Forwarding can be set up across many cities within India so new and established companies can receive calls locally whether they have outsourced technical departments or sales teams that are on the road. And best of all, India local business phone numbers are delivered without having to install any equipment on premises.

Global Call Forwarding provides local business phone numbers in India with total control so a company can customize how its customers get in touch with them without additional fees and making any changes that affect the current phone service.

Availability with Global Called Forwarding

The days of being available only 9 to 5 on business days are no longer with us. The Internet and globalization have given even the smallest of businesses access to a customer base from around the world. This access requires a business to have a communications system in place in which they can respond to customers so they can better serve them. The numbers Global Called Forwarding provides are available for thousands of cities globally, making each one of those locations local for any business or individuals looking to have more impact with their presence.

India local business phone numbers let companies in another part of the world receive calls on their phone of choice, including smart mobile devices. Using the feature of smart phones the free advanced services Global Call Forwarding offers can be accessed to better interact with callers.

The economic outlook for India is bright, even though it is still facing some internal challenges that will slow the growth everyone wants to see the country experience. But once it manages to make the necessary policy changes, it may even exceed the expectations of everyone because of the high level of human capital resources it possesses within its borders.

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