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Taiwan local business phone numbers

Local Phone Numbers

Want better control over your brand’s presence nationally and internationally? Local phone numbers are a convenient and affordable way for even the smallest brands to maintain a professional standing in the market. Because they are managed online and through a cloud-based provider, you can easily choose area codes from all over the world, including Taiwan, and forward them to different business lines.

The Benefits of Taiwan Local Business Numbers

Taiwan local business phone numbers have a host of benefits. They allow you to separate personal and business lines so that each audience has a different voicemail message. Depending on who is calling, an individual could hear “This is Bob, leave a message!” or “This is Stevens Financial Services, please leave a message.” When customers hear the second personalized message, you instantly build a more consistent company brand.

For smaller companies, you probably don’t want to share your personal number on marketing materials. With Taiwan local business phone numbers, you have the ability to “mask” your original number. This means that callers will only see the professional phone number in their caller ID, protecting your personal information. In this circumstance, no matter where your customers originate, they will still see you as a local business, with only that business number.

Virtual Business Numbers

Want even more features? Taiwan local business phone numbers offer call forwarding to multiple lines as well as advanced customization. Get simple extensions for each team member’s department without any dedicated hardware. Receive notifications through SMS text messaging, email, or fax depending on which communication methods you and your clients prefer.

This is useful because consumers take in information in multiple formats. SMS forwarding allows them to text rather than give you a call. This is perfect for restaurants that want to offer an easier way to book reservations, for instance. However many enterprises will also use SMS forwarding for general inquiries and feedback. Personalizing the way a customer contacts your brand is a simple yet effective way to stand out from the competition.

Whether you have vendors in Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung, or other major cities in Taiwan, Taiwan local business phone numbers give you the confidence to advertise anywhere you’d like. Many larger companies like to place different phone numbers in the same city and see which ones are the most effective. So if you want to know if billboards or magazine ads drive more revenue, these virtual numbers are trackable so you know how to better spend your budget in the future.

Taiwan Local Business Phone Numbers

Considered an independent country since 1950, Taiwan is considered to be a part of Asia. It is an island nation situated in the South China Sea, just off the coast of China with a total area of about 13,800 square miles. Taiwan was formerly part of the Republic of China and is now considered a parliamentary democracy. However, it is not formally recognized by several other nations.

The population is about 23 million people, and most are ethnically Han Chinese, Hakka, and Hoklo, descended from Chinese immigrants. The official language is Mandarin, though there are many other dialects spoken among the people.

This island is mountainous, with the highest point being Yu-Shan, just under 13,000 feet above sea level. One especially famous site is the Taroko National Park, just one of nine national parks in the country. Taroko National Park spans over several counties and is named after the Taroko Gorge. This is a gorge carved out by the Liwu River.

Trade is vital to Taiwan’s economy. Their imports and exports together make up much of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Foreign investment is especially encouraged as their economy continues to grow. When you use Taiwan local business phone numbers, you can help your team break into this resourceful area.

Global Call Forwarding – Service in Taiwan

It doesn’t matter your industry or business size. Even small operations have the option of modern capabilities to surpass the competition. Taiwan local business phone numbers allow you to expand your company’s official presence into exciting new markets like Taiwan.

If you have call centers in major cities throughout Taiwan, virtual numbers can be routed based on the day of the week, or during a specific time of the day. So if it’s after work hours, your Taiwan call center can answer messages so that full-time employees or department heads are not bothered at home. Callers will not have to pay additional charges, and you ultimately save time and resources.

Taiwan local business phone numbers also allow you to take calls no matter where you are. So if you and several key employees are off-site, you can still forward the calls to your cell phones or mobile devices. Customers will no longer need to keep trying to reach you at different hours of the day. Never miss the most important calls again.

Contact Global Call Forwarding for your international business phone numbers today. Our team is prepared to help you make the most of internal and external business communications.

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