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Thailand Local Business Phone Numbers

Taiwan local business numbers

Economy of Thailand: An Introduction

Are you thinking about expanding your company into Southeast Asia and Thailand? If so, one of the easiest and most profound options is to get your business Thailand local business phone numbers to begin establishing your presence.

If you have plans to enter Asia to expand your business, Thailand will most likely feature as a top destination based on the nation’s excellent economic status. Thailand is undoubtedly one of the fast-growing commercial hubs of Southeast Asia, making it the ideal location for businesses looking to gain traction with a location in Asia.

Thailand has been categorized as a newly industrialized country with an economy that is heavily export-dependent. According to latest statistics, exports contribute to more than 66% of the country’s GDP. The economy has been growing by 3.8 – 4.3% on average since 2012, and this has been steady despite the ongoing global recession.

Thailand’s industrial and service sectors are the major contributors to its Gross Domestic Product. While industry contributes nearly 39.2% to the GDP, the Thai agricultural sector puts in 8.4%, logistics & communication, and trade contribute 9.8% and 13.4, respectively.

The other assorted GDP contributors include the construction and mining sectors, which account for 4.3%; and the service sector comprising education, finance, and tourism add up to 24.9%.

A major contributor to the Thai economy is tourism, which is an industry that has been focused upon and developed rapidly over the last few years. Today, Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world, and currently rates 4th globally, in terms of tourist visits every year.

Telecommunications and trade are considered to be the fastest-growing sectors in Thailand because of increased public spending on these areas, and this has definitely enhanced Thailand’s economic competitiveness. The country’s economy is the second-largest in Southeast Asia, with a per capita income ranking 4th in the Southeast Asian region. In terms of external trade, Thailand ranked second in Southeast Asia in 2016 after Singapore. This is precisely why having Thailand local business phone numbers can help propel your business into the Thai market easily, and at an excellent cost.

Its economic progress has been acknowledged by the World Bank, which in a recent report called it “one of the greatest development success stories.” Another added boost to Thailand’s continued progress is the country’s low unemployment rate. This is largely attributed to a majority of the population being engaged in agricultural work. Furthermore, a considerable number of Thai people are self-employed and work in the country’s burgeoning tourism industry.

Considering the rapid and sustained development of Thailand’s economy, it goes without saying that the nation should have a most advanced telephony system available to both locals and foreigners. Thailand local phone numbers are available to nearly 94% of the population in both landline and mobile form, and this has been greatly beneficial for all.

How it Works: Thailand Local Phone Numbers Network

The Thai local phone numbers network is managed by the NBTC or National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission. Getting Thailand local business phone numbers is ideal if you intend to do business there, and considering how much growth this country is experiencing, it is a very good time to expand your business there.

The NBTC operates on the guidelines set by the ITI or International Telecommunications Union. Area codes for fixed lines consist of 1 digit, excluding the prefix for STD which is 0 in Bangkok. In provinces nearby, the area code is 2. In certain provinces, the area code consists of 2 digits, starting with either 3, 4, 5, or 7. Several provinces typically share a common area code.

Thailand local business phone numbers for a fixed-line are usually comprised of 6 digits, except for Bangkok, Pathum Thani, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan which have 2 as their area code. In the period before 1980, Thailand local business phone numbers were made up of 6 digits in Bangkok, Pathum Thani, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan. In 1980, all subscriber numbers operating in the aforementioned areas were lengthened to 7 digits in different phases for meeting new subscriber demands. The subscriber number’s first digit signifies a specific location within an area code.

In the cities of Bangkok, Pathum Thani, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan, the second digit of the subscriber’s number identifies a particular service provider, which mostly is the TOT or Telephone Organization of Thailand. TOT has a near-monopoly in the market for fixed-lines.

A standard Thai number is comprised of nine digits and includes 0 as the STD prefix. When you write down Thailand local business phone numbers, separate the area code & the subscriber number with a hyphen.

In a revised policy, the Thai government directed that a closed dialing plan would be introduced in 2001 for Thailand local business phone numbers. This meant that calling within an area code would require the area code to be dialed first. The country’s advanced cellular phone and IP telephony system is also active with mobile phones having area codes of 8 & 9 and area code 6 for VoIP. The 0 used for landlines is dropped here.

Years ago, all mobile phone operators were issued a single code. It was after a series of mergers occurred that 3 major mobile service providers became the standard – True, AIS, and DTAC. With existing numbers running out, these 3 major operators have been assigned the code 081, with a subscriber number’s first digit distinguishing each operator.

A cell phone number is comprised of a code with a 7-digit subscriber number, and the network uses 900/1800 MHz for GSM. Roaming service is free within Thai territory, particularly in places with a single transmitter. As more and more codes get exhausted, a new range of codes, 09x is now available.

Despite the code’s length, subscriber numbers are 7 digits, finally resulting in a national number of 10 digits including the standard prefix: 0. Mobile number portability hubs are also available in the country whereby subscribers can retain their original numbers while switching from one service provider to another.

If you are interested in expanding your business into Thailand’s growing and bustling economy, consider the possibilities of adding Thailand local business phone numbers to make it happen!

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