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UK Local Business Phone Numbers

The United Kingdom is a hotbed for international business. However, there is a fair amount of economic competition. In order to compete in the UK marketplace, businesses must have a clear strategy in place as well as a full understanding of the economic tide. However, one often overlooked aspect to setting up a new business in the United Kingdom is getting a phone system. We offer UK Local Business Phone Numbers.

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At Global Call Forwarding, we provide UK local business phone numbers to help companies build a successful telecommunications framework in the United Kingdom. This service will benefit a company that wants to set up a call center for UK customers. Also, there are other motives for getting local business numbers. It produces a high return on investment.

The first step to opening a successful business in the United Kingdom is to understand its market from inside and out. Let’s briefly turn our attention to the UK economy:

Understanding the Economy of the UK

The United Kingdom’s economy has undergone significant changes in the last four decades. During the market reforms instilled by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s, Britain experienced considerable economic growth. That growth continued throughout the 1990s. Later, government spending increased significantly through labor movements in the 2000s. By 2010, Prime Minister David Cameron was determined to create a smaller government and reduced spending through a Liberal Democrat Coalition and economic policy.

By May 2015, Conservatives had won their right to be the majority. Since then, the UK has experienced phenomenal growth in sectors such as service, manufacturing, and construction. Unemployment has also been at a six-year low, and sales in the retail sectors have been strong.

Despite these positive developments, the newly elected government has decided the best plan of action is to leave the EU. How this will affect the UK economy is unclear, although the British pound has lowered against the dollar since Brexit was announced. By backing out of the EU partnership, Britain is isolating itself from numerous benefits offered to EU members. This could negatively affect the citizens of the UK over time, along with UK based businesses.

Despite the recent upheaval regarding Brexit, the UK continues to be one of the world’s most dominant and prosperous countries to do business.

What are UK Local Business Phone Numbers?

While considering doing business in the United Kingdom, many companies need a way to communicate with local customers. Many businesses use local numbers with a call forwarding service to receive incoming calls from people in the UK. Local business phone numbers have a country code and area code that are specific to a particular region in the United Kingdom.

Businesses get virtual phone numbers so that customers and contacts in the UK can call them at a local calling cost. There is no direct telephone line associated with the number. Incoming calls that originate in the UK get forwarded to any desired location. This number can be managed virtually via the cloud, making for convenient business communications when companies are located outside the UK.

Local phone numbers can be isolated to a specific city in the UK. For example, a business that is targeting customers in England can get a local number associated with that region. Customers, in turn, feel more comfortable calling the number because they perceive the business to be a local firm.

Doing Business in the UK

Countless firms across the world do business in the United Kingdom. Most foreign companies will attribute their success to getting UK local business phone numbers. Our virtual phone numbers make for the perfect marketing tool should a business be new to the area. They are familiar to customers and create an instant connection between consumer and business.

UK Local Phone Numbers with Advanced Features

Included with UK local business numbers from Global Call Forwarding is a host of additional features to explore and adjust as needed. The free advanced features can be managed from an easy-to-use online control panel. Call forwarding is available internationally, and every phone call can be forwarded to the destination number of choice.

Global Call Forwarding offers a wide array of advanced call forwarding services that perfectly complement local phone numbers. The previously mentioned control panel allows users to customize their service with features like voicemail, sequential forwarding, IVR and many others. Users get more than 15 free advanced features when they buy UK local business phone numbers.

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