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US Local Business Phone Numbers

Modern phone call forwarding is a salient way for businesses to communicate with their customers in a foreign country. Getting a local business number in the US is one of the best ways to establish a virtual presence in the United States. Despite the ascendancy of the Internet in recent decades, telephones still remain a key tool for communication, especially for businesses.

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In fact, digital technologies have actually enhanced the functionality of traditional telephone systems while simultaneously making them more accessible to even small businesses. With virtual US local business phone numbers, it is easier than even before to maintain a direct link with your customers in a specific area or city.

What are US Local Business Phone Numbers?

Having a local US business phone number is a useful tool in marketing yourself effectively to your customers in a particular region or city. US local business phone numbers are phone numbers with the local area code of a particular area or city.

Each state in the US has several area codes. For instance, 212 is the original area code that covered all five boroughs of New York City. In California 213 is the area code for Downtown LA while 415 is San Francisco. The US telephone system follows the North America Numbering Plan (NANP).

It is currently estimated that the US telephone system presently includes roughly anywhere from 260-290 area codes. When you subscribe for a US local business phone number, you have to specify the area or city which you want the number. The virtual number you are provided with will have the area code of your choice region/city and will function as a local number for all calls placed to that number from that city/area.

How Can I use a US Local Business Phone Number?

There are two kinds of businesses that can benefit from US local business phone numbers. First would be small local businesses based within a particular region or city. If all your customers belong to a particular area code, US local business phone numbers in that area code will be really beneficial.

But in this day and age, you don’t need an office address in a city or region to get local phone numbers! These are virtual phone numbers that can be subscribed online. They work just as effectively (or even better than) normal numbers.

This brings us to the second category of businesses that can benefit from US local business phone numbers. Imagine that you have a small business/start-up with its HQ and offices in the East Coast, say New York or Florida. Or even overseas for that matter, located in China or the UK. If you find your sales increasing in the Mid-West or California, you might want to consider getting US local business phone numbers with local area codes for these specific regions/cities.

US Local Business Phone Numbers v. Toll Free Numbers

Local phone numbers inspire a sense of familiarity and reliability among your target customers. This will give a big boost to your business image in that region. Toll free numbers may have the advantage of being free for the caller, but they also have their own drawbacks. Toll free numbers are generally considered “distant”, something with a more national and “remote” feel. US local business phone numbers on the other hand, give a local flavor to your business.

This can be invaluable if you want to be seen as a “friendly neighborhood business’ rather than as a faceless “big business” entity. Toll free numbers have their benefits, but they also tend to be more expensive. If you are a small business with a lot of customers based in a particular city or area, US local business phone numbers will provide more bang for the buck.

How Local Phone Number Forwarding System Works

This is an entirely digital communications solution based on VOIP and online call forwarding. When you subscribe, you are provided with US local business phone numbers of your choice. You can assign your office numbers (landlines or cell phones) for all incoming calls on your virtual number.

Callers within your number’s area will only have to pay local calling charges, even if your office is based overseas. And you also get several advanced configuration options and settings, for scheduling, sequential call forwarding, recording, and many more. The whole system works online and requires no hardware installations at all.

US Economic Forecasts

There is serious cause for optimism in 2017, especially for retail businesses. Jobs are increasing and unemployment rates are falling fast. Consumer spending increased consistently in 2016 and this is expected to continue into the New Year. And with growing incomes, the US market is expected to have a much brighter future in the coming years. If you have been waiting for the ideal time to expand your business operations in the US market, now is a marvelous time.

The dark clouds of the 2008 recession are slowly but steadily receding and the prospects are fabulous in the short/medium term. Get US local business phone numbers to increase your reach and presence in new regional markets in the US.

Contact us to learn more about virtual numbers and online call forwarding. Our experts are constantly on hand to help you choose the service best suited for your business.

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