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When you think of Spain, what do you think of? Likely, images of day trips to Madrid, sightseeing in Barcelona, delicious foods, and famous Flamenco dancing come to mind! Spain’s population of about 47 million is the sixth largest in Europe. This has a tangible impact on how organizations run inside and outside the country. If you own a small or large organization, you can expand your services with the use of Spain local phone numbers.

Local numbers use the area code of a certain city and forward the call to anywhere you want. So for instance, Valencia has 960, Sevilla is 954, and Salamanca is 923. The country code of Spain is 34. Digital numbers, however, make the process of dialing and receiving calls easier so you and your clients don’t have to memorize country and city codes.

Your organization simply chooses the cities you want to have a presence in. These numbers can be directed to a cell phone, landline, or customer service call center. Clients in Spain will recognize the area code as their own and are much more likely to give you a call. In fact, any company that uses local numbers have a much higher call rate than those that don’t. Check out some of the other benefits of Spain local phone numbers here.

Big Marketing Benefits

Barcelona’s months of endless sunny days are not the only reason to do business there. New restaurants and boutique stores open every week. The culture is perfect for a long weekend with delicious food and a memorable atmosphere. Female entrepreneurs are also on the rise in the country, up at least 40 percent in recent years. Because of these reasons and more, Madrid is one of Europe’s highest producing cities with the best markets.

Spain local phone numbers can greatly improve branding efforts. Numbers will be easier to recall and you can use them in marketing materials alongside your logo and other contact information.

Digital numbers are simple to track, so using them in your various marketing campaigns can be of immense significance. Get several Spain local phone numbers in difference cities that are assigned to specific campaigns. Tracking data will help you assess which number brings in the most traffic and which are getting a greater number of sales. Or you can assign one number to print and other to television, to test your markets in that manner. The data will show the type of advertising that’s best for your business, allowing you to zero-in on your best markets easily, due to the affordability of local numbers from Global Call Forwarding. Future campaigns will benefit from these valuable insights!

Spain Local Phone Numbers

Spain’s primary sectors are manufacturing, food, textile, electrical engineering, and railroad foundries. Many have also invested in iron and steel, shipbuilding facilities, and chemical plants.

In Spain, the business days work a little differently than other places. They split the day in half by starting work at 8am or 9am, then stopping for a long lunch break, which is often a few hours long. Then they begin again around 4pm and keep working until about 7pm or longer. Because of this, dinner occurs a little later, too, sometimes as late as 9pm.

Spain locals put real time into their corporate relationships during this long lunch, forming a culture of non formal business relationships and negotiations. This means that they are more likely to make contacts with those in their own city. Having Spain local phone numbers caters to this unique schedule and culture for those who live in every city.

Building relationships contributes to a large part of a company’s success and requires much effort. It’s important to have the right tools and lines of communication. Local area codes break down barriers and makes sales that much more effortless. Once you’re on the phone, you’re that much closer to gaining new leads and long-term customers!

Contact Global Call Forwarding

Spain is a diverse country, and every city has its own unique qualities and rich history. As the country continues to modernize, it’s important to come into contact with the market there in every way possible. Global Call Forwarding strives to make this happen for you.

Think about the convenience of Spain local phone numbers. Are you based in North America, South America, Asia, or in Europe? Using these toll free numbers means callers can avoid expensive charges for contacting you long distance. They receive a personalized service no matter where your head offices are based. Automatically transfer calls to the right people instantly. No customer will ever fall through the cracks again.

Optimize sales in every city in Spain. You choose the cities, and our team at Global Call Forwarding takes care of the rest! There’s no binding contracts and you can set up everything you need in less than a business day. Enjoy everything the beautiful land of Espana has to offer with Spain local phone numbers. Contact Global Call Forwarding for more information.

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