The biggest advantage of Canada is that it has a huge landmass but a significantly low population. Canada has plenty of space, and it offers plenty of opportunities for people to do business. Given that only 33 million people inhabit the country, most of the country consists of only natural vastness, open spaces, and forests. It’s no wonder Canada is always seeking foreign investments; it features a small population and workforce.

Economy of Canada

The prosperous economy of Canada is mostly due to their rich natural resources. In fact, Canada is the world’s largest producer of uranium and zinc. The country also has huge natural gas and oil resources off the Atlantic coast. A high GDP and low inflation rates make Canada ideal for doing business.

Before you plan to expand your business into Canada, you must find out what kinds of businesses thrive in the country. Because of their natural resources, a large portion of Canada’s industries are also centered on farming, fishing, and mining. Of course, there are many man-made industries too, such as machinery, motors, and plastics.

Taking your business to Canada could be profitable because the risks are low and advantages are high. Canada has an amicable relationship with other nations and enjoys a peaceful society that values education and diplomacy. If you want to enjoy the benefits that Canada offers its entrepreneurs and small business but aren’t ready to establish a physical presence there just yet, you can start building a customer base in the country with the help of Canadian toll free numbers.

What are Canadian Toll Free Numbers?

If you are located in the US or any other country and want to maintain a customer base in Canada, you will find that normal international calling is pretty expensive. Moreover, when local people in Canada see a foreign number, they will hesitate to make a call because it is expensive for them too. This leads to an inefficient communication process between the business and the prospects. Also, many people just prefer to do business within their own country, and seeing a foreign number can be an instant turn-off.

Toll free numbers have always been used by businesses to maintain a low-cost channel of communication with their prospects and customers.

They are free to call and affordable for businesses to maintain.

When you want to sustain a customer base in Canada without actually being present in the country, Canadian toll-free numbers are the easiest option. And you won’t be limited to communicating just with your customers or prospects. Keeping in touch with your Canadian business partners and associates is also just as easy and affordable with Canadian toll-free numbers.

Canadian toll free numbers are used by businesses of all sizes to make communication simpler. Although the numbers originate in Canada, the calls are forwarded to any country of your choice.

So whether you are based in the US, or the UK, or Australia or China, you can have calls from Canada forwarded to your office phone, call center, or even to your personal mobile number. Besides call forwarding, Canadian toll free numbers can also be used for branding and marketing purposes and to track the performance of your marketing campaigns.

Additional Benefits of Canadian Toll Free Numbers

There are several benefits of Canadian toll free numbers, besides call forwarding. While digital call forwarding is the biggest advantage of toll free numbers, there are many other ways these numbers can boost a business. First of all, toll free numbers are free to call. It has been found that call rates are always higher on free numbers. This not only draws more callers but also makes international calling affordable for small business.

Moreover, Canadian toll free numbers are just like regular toll free numbers found anywhere in the world. Your prospects and customers do not have to worry about the high costs involved with calling a foreign number; these numbers work just like local numbers.

With Canadian toll free numbers, you can track every call. This makes it easy to assign these numbers to your marketing campaigns, and measure the number of calls you get from your Canadian customers and prospects. Toll free numbers are also used as branding tools, and you can even get vanity numbers if you want to make an even greater impact.

For example, if you run an insurance company you can get a number like 1-800-INSURE. If you have a plumbing business, your number could be 1-800-PLUMBER. Vanity numbers are catchy and memorable and they promote your brand while also serving as a communication channel.

Features of Canadian Toll Free Numbers

Canadian toll-free numbers come with a range of features, such as sequential call forwarding, call recording, voicemail, and customization options like setting up an IVR system and a personalized welcome greeting, all of which impact your company in excellent ways.

All these features make your business look more professional, even if it is a single-person operation. Additionally, Canadian toll-free numbers are flexible enough to be forwarded to any number of your choice, from your mobile phone to your call center.

Global Call Forwarding can be your ticket to Canadian toll free numbers. Simply get in touch with us to find out how to subscribe to digital call forwarding and transform the way you do business as you enter the Canadian market.