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Using European toll free numbers is a great way to enable your clients in Europe to reach you easily. These virtual numbers can be purchased for numerous countries and cities located in Europe. Read on to learn more about how toll free European phone numbers can benefit your business.

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What Are European Toll Free Numbers?

Virtual European toll free numbers are toll free phone numbers for countries and cities in Europe. When your European customers call you, they won’t have to pay long-distance fees, nor will they have to deal with complicated international dialing codes. Instead, they simply call your number, and they can reach your or your customer service representatives.

How do European Virtual Toll Free Numbers Work?

European toll free numbers work by allowing customers to reach them free of charge. The owner of the number (also known as the subscriber) covers the costs associated with the number. Because these numbers are intended for specific locations, customers from those regions will not know your company’s actual location. As far as they know, they are calling a business located in their city or country.

If your business uses a call center, using European toll free numbers for communicating with your clients may be an ideal option.

Benefits of European Toll Free Numbers for Your Business?

European toll free phone numbers can benefit your business in various ways. Among these are:

  • Toll free European virtual numbers allow you to expand your business to Europe virtually.
  • They can help your business establish a presence in select European markets.
  • Toll free numbers are excellent business numbers and they give a clear indication to customers that your business is established, trustworthy, and professional.
  • Toll free numbers are a subtle courtesy to your prospects, as customers know they are free for them to dial.
  • Toll free European virtual numbers can be used to test certain countries to see if these markets are viable.
  • Toll free European phone numbers can reduce expenses that would otherwise be necessary if the business was expanded physically.
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How to Get European Toll Free Phone Numbers

To get a European toll free phone number, head to On the homepage, you will find several drop-down menus where you will enter the necessary info to purchase your desired number.

Step 1: First, you will select the country you want to purchase for (Germany, UK, Switzerland, Italy, etc) and then the number type (toll free).

Step 2: Next, after entering this information, you will enter the number you want calls to forward to, which is known as the “destination number.” This should be the number most convenient for you to answer calls on, such as your business line, mobile number, etc.

Step 3: Finally, click the link for “View Rates & Try for Free.” You will be able to view the available plans and rates. Select the plan that fits your needs and budget, choose any additional features you may need, and proceed to checkout. After checking out, your number will be available for use upon activation. You can then coordinate your settings from the control panel, as needed.

Get a Virtual European Business Number Today

When you’re ready to purchase a European toll free phone number for your business, contact Global Call Forwarding. Our expert team can help you get European phone numbers if you require assistance. We offer virtual phone numbers for more than 160 countries worldwide. Purchase today to experience firsthand how a virtual number can help you provide better customer service to clients in Europe. We look forward to helping your business take big steps forward. Contact us today to learn more!

Benefits of Toll Free Numbers

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How European Toll Free Numbers Can Attract Customers?

The instant attraction for “toll free numbers” to potential customers has more power than you know. People know that they can call these numbers at no cost to them, which is an added plus. Therefore, people are more inclined to call and enquire about a business or service, which gives you the opportunity to convert them into customers and promote your brand.

Another benefit of European toll free numbers is that since you are paying for the calls instead of the caller, it gives the admirable impression that you are a company who cares about its potential customers by making the process a no-risk proposition. Getting toll-free numbers for your business is a great way to tell your customers you care.

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Customizing your Service

In order to ensure that you are meeting your customers’ needs, you must make sure that your call center works for your specific business. Otherwise, your customers will not want to bother with your company again. Make sure that each member of your team who is involved in taking customer calls knows the protocol and is always prepared to put the customer’s needs first. This also means taking calls with a calm, polite, professional manner.

You can record calls that are taken on your European toll free numbers and use the information for assessing the customer service your team is providing. You will easily be able to see where the weaknesses are and work out ways to strengthen them.

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