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USA phone numbers
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Expanding in the US is a major goal for any business owner. The United States is one of the most developed economies in the world, with opportunities for any kind of business. It has always been a world leader in several fields, including technology, education, and healthcare. Businesses can gain an edge using United States Toll Free Numbers.

This goes back to when Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.

When taking your business to the US, communication often becomes a problem. Long-distance calling is expensive, and callers wouldn’t be too eager to spend money to call up an overseas business. Regular telephone communication is expensive for business too.

Compared to regular telephone systems, toll-free numbers are one of the most efficient forms of communication for businesses. It adds an image of professionalism to your company and gives your callers a sense of trust. Earlier used only by large enterprises, toll-free numbers are now used by most serious small businesses. United States toll-free numbers are a vital business tool for staying in touch with your American customers.

What are United States Toll Free Numbers

Regular toll-free numbers work only within the country they originate in. So if the toll-free numbers are meant for the United States, they cannot be used to communicate with an overseas business. Regular toll-free numbers are good at giving you national presence, but when you are trying to establish yourself in a foreign country, you need virtual toll-free numbers. That’s what United States toll-free numbers from Global Call Forwarding are all about.

Even though they look like regular toll-free numbers, they are not based on traditional telephone systems. They work with the help of the Internet and cloud servers and are actually cheaper than regular telephone systems.

The United States was one of the first countries to begin the use of toll-free numbers. Today, these numbers are used by millions of businesses of all sizes and types, because toll-free numbers are free for the caller and inexpensive for the company.

The popular 1-800 prefix is in use in the US, and toll-free numbers are usually eleven digits long. United States toll-free numbers function like regular toll-free numbers, but since they are based on the internet, the calls can be forwarded to another country. For instance, calls made to the United States numbers can be forwarded to any region your business is located in, and that too at a significantly lower cost than the traditional phone system.

Why use toll-free numbers?

Customer service forms an important part of any business, and toll-free numbers first came into being because of this reason. Since they are free to call, customers do not mind calling these numbers.

United States toll-free numbers are also a marketing tool for many businesses and help give a ‘big business’ feel to even a small company. If you are planning to break into the US market, United States virtual numbers are the way to go. Just list your company in local business directories, and have prospects call on your toll free numbers even if you are based overseas.

US toll free numbers can also be used if you already have a customer base in the US and need a convenient and cost-effective way to keep in touch with them. Despite the prevalence of emails and chat, most customers still seek instant gratification provided by a phone number. These virtual numbers are affordable and require no expensive equipment to function. When it isn’t possible to open offices or call centers in a foreign region, American toll-free numbers are a sagacious alternative.

Benefits of Toll Free Numbers

  • Credibility
  • Easy to Remember
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Marketing Tool
  • Portability
  • Scalability
  • Advanced Features

How United States Toll Free Numbers Can Attract Customers?

The instant attraction for “toll free numbers” to potential customers has more power than you know. People know that they can call these numbers at no cost to them, which is an added plus. Therefore, people are more inclined to call and enquire about a business or service, which gives you the opportunity to convert them into customers and promote your brand.

Another benefit of United States toll free numbers is that since you are paying for the calls instead of the caller, it gives the admirable impression that you are a company who cares about its potential customers by making the process a no-risk proposition. Getting toll-free numbers for your business is a great way to tell your customers you care.

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How to get started?

To get started with US toll-free numbers, you first have to choose your online service provider and then your choice of numbers. Since United States toll-free numbers work throughout the country, you don't need separate numbers for different regions. Plans and rates vary from one operator to another, so you can choose one that you can afford. Once you subscribe to a plan, you have to set the numbers where the calls are to be forwarded to.

Toll-free numbers are easy to set up and use. After installation, you can start using them within a few minutes. Unlike traditional phone lines, calls made to toll-free numbers to the land of the free are transmitted via a cloud server. The call is routed through a virtual PBX system and connected to the phone line in your office.

Contact Global Call Forwarding to find out how United States toll-free numbers can help your business.

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