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Atlanta Virtual Numbers

atlanta georgia virtual phone numbers
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It doesn’t matter where your company is located; whether it’s in Pittsburgh or Paris, you can make your company more accessible to Atlanta customers by subscribing to Atlanta virtual numbers. With Global Call Forwarding, you can have calls routed to your personal cell phone, office phone, or your employees, wherever they are. Whether you’re just starting out, or you have a well-established business, Global Call Forwarding has a virtual phone plan to suit your needs. There are no obligations, no contract to sign, and you have full support 24/7.

What Are Atlanta Virtual Numbers?

Virtual telephone numbers are used as forwarding numbers. When a call is made to one of your Atlanta virtual numbers, Global Call Forwarding will automatically reroute the call to your designated number or numbers. This is a very effective and affordable way to make your company more approachable to Atlanta customers.

There are two types of Atlanta virtual numbers: virtual local numbers, and virtual toll free numbers. Both types of virtual numbers forward calls in the same way, but the cost and the availability of numbers may differ. When you subscribe to Atlanta virtual numbers, you are paying for the numbers themselves and also the forwarding service. For the person calling Atlanta phone numbers, the call is free.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Atlanta virtual numbers:

Can I subscribe to multiple different Atlanta virtual numbers?

At Global Call Forwarding we have many Atlanta area codes available, as well as local and toll free numbers throughout the United States and more than 150 countries worldwide. You can subscribe to as many virtual numbers as you wish. If you are looking for a particular Atlanta area code, call our team, and we can help you find the Atlanta virtual numbers you’re looking for.

Should I choose Atlanta virtual numbers or toll free numbers?

One of the advantages of getting your number from Global Call Forwarding is that you can have local and toll free numbers at the same time. If you decide that one of them isn’t working out for you, you can drop it or change it for another number.

Do I own my Atlanta virtual numbers or does Global Call Forwarding?

You are the owner of all the virtual and toll free numbers that you purchase from Global Call Forwarding so long as you have no outstanding balance on your account.

What will my callers hear when they dial my Atlanta virtual numbers?

Calls are generally connected very quickly. While waiting, the caller will hear a local ringback tone, so they will not be aware if they are calling a different country.

Are my Atlanta virtual numbers exclusive?

Yes. Your callers will not be required to dial an extension number. Each number is unique and private, and solely for your distribution.

Can I receive SMS with my Atlanta virtual numbers?

Yes, all SMS messages can be forwarded to a predetermined email address chosen by you.

Can calls to my Atlanta virtual numbers be routed to a VoIP device or an IP address?

Yes, at Global Call Forwarding, we can easily direct your calls to a VoIP device or an IP address. Many of your clients, both small business owners, and multinational companies receive their calls on VoIP devices or through the internet via PBX.

Can I have my calls forwarded to more than one number?

Yes. You have several options for forwarding calls to multiple numbers. You can set your numbers up to route calls simultaneously, sequentially, or with your own specific rules. You can change the rules as you wish by using your online control panel. Call us to find out more about these options.

Does Global Call Forwarding limit the number of calls I can receive in a given time period?

Global Call Forwarding’s system is engineered to support with extremely high call volumes. If necessary, we can scale up our network to accommodate even higher call volumes. For example, if you are certain that one or more of your virtual numbers will receive ten or more calls at any one time, we can configure your account to manage a higher volume of calls. All you need to do is contact our technical support team and let them know.

Can I port numbers to Global Call Forwarding?

Depending on certain parameters, it’s possible to port a range of national, mobile, and toll free numbers to the Global Call Forwarding service. The best way to find out if your number is portable is to call our team and discuss your specific needs.

Can I get a free trial from Global Call Forwarding?

Absolutely. As a new customer, you are welcome to test out our service and experiment with the user control panel to experience our suite of unique features, such as customized greetings, black and white lists, and simultaneous ringing.

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