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Brazil Virtual Numbers

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Brazil virtual numbers are domestic numbers that are toll free to those dialing the numbers in Brazil. Companies like Global Call Forwarding route calls made to Brazil virtual numbers within Brazil or to other countries. Brazil virtual numbers allow businesses in other countries to establish virtual offices in Brazil. This practice is more cost-effective than establishing satellite offices.

Types of Brazil Virtual Numbers

Global Call Forwarding provides four types of Brazil virtual phone numbers: Geographic, Mobile (SMS Optional), Toll Free (Mobile Accessible), and Toll Free. Geographic and Mobile (SMS Optional) are the lowest cost numbers in Brazil. The following paragraphs discuss the features of the four types of Brazil virtual numbers.

  • Geographic – Geographic numbers are associated with specific localities. Callers can reach these numbers from landlines, mobile phones, pay phones, fax transmissions, and other countries. However, the optional SMS package is not available with Geographic numbers.
  • Mobile (SMS Optional) – In Brazil, Mobile (SMS Optional) numbers use an “11” or “21” prefix. Fax connections cannot dial these numbers; however, landlines, mobile phones, pay phones, and other countries can.
  • Mobile (SMS Optional) numbers feature the optional SMS plan, which sends inbound SMS messages to your email.
  • Toll Free (Mobile Accessible) – Landlines, mobile phones, and fax transmissions can reach Toll Free (Mobile Accessible) Brazil virtual numbers. This is the most expensive type of number offered by Global Call Forwarding in Brazil. It uses a “0800” prefix.
  • Toll FreeBrazil toll free numbers also use a “0800” prefix. They are less costly than Toll Free (Mobile Accessible) numbers, but only landlines and fax transmissions can reach these numbers.

How to Get Brazil Virtual Numbers

The process to obtain Brazil virtual phone numbers is simple. First, go to the Global Call Forwarding website: Then, select Brazil in the top left selection box. Next, select the type of number you want and follow the prompts related to that number. Enter your destination country and number on the top two selection boxes on the right. Click “View Rates & Try For Free.” Pick a plan and select optional features. Finally, enter your contact information and account type. Agree to the terms and conditions and click “Try For Free.”

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Source: O#21565 – ID#100042260417


The economy of Brazil is of primary importance to companies subscribing to Brazil virtual numbers. In 2017, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was $3,219 trillion, the ninth-largest in the world. The GDP composition by sector of origin was agriculture (6.2%), industry (21%), and services (72.8%).

Agricultural products included beef, citrus, cocoa, coffee, corn, rice, soybeans, sugarcane, and wheat. Industries of particular importance include aircraft, chemicals, iron ore, lumber, motor vehicles and auto parts, machinery and equipment, steel, textiles, and tin.

In 2017, exports were $215.4 billion. Export commodities were automobiles, coffee, footwear, iron ore, soybeans, and transport equipment. Brazil’s 2016 export partners were China (19%), US (12.6%), Argentina (7.3%), and the Netherlands (5.6%).

In 2017, imports were $151.9 billion. Imported commodities included automotive parts, chemical products, electrical and transport equipment, electronics, machinery, and oil. Brazil’s 2016 import partners were the US (17.6%), China (16.9%), Argentina (6.7%), Germany (6.6%), and South Korea (4.4%).

People and Communications

In 2017, the population of Brazil was 207,353,391 persons making Brazil the fifth most populous nation in the world. Its people enjoy many outlets for communications. In 2017, there were 41,842,233 fixed telephone line subscriptions, 244,067,356 mobile cellular phones, and 122,841,218 internet users. This well-connected population is a compelling reason to subscribe to Brazil virtual numbers. For a moderate cost per month, companies can maintain virtual offices in this very large market.

Brazil’s Largest Urban Agglomerations

Businesses thinking about subscribing to Geographic Brazil virtual numbers might select the largest urban population centers for their numbers. The following paragraphs give information on the top metropolitan economies in Brazil.

São Paulo is the largest urban agglomeration in Brazil with a 2016 population of 21,166,641. It is located in the southeast region of Brazil, and it is the wealthiest city in the country. The basis of its economy is finance, science, technology, luxury goods, and tourism.

Rio de Janeiro is the second largest urban agglomeration in Brazil with a 2016 population of 6,498,837. Rio is located on the Atlantic Ocean on the southeast coast of the country. It is a tourist attraction due to its beaches and Carnival celebration. Rio is a banking, stock trading, and financial center. It also services offshore oil production with its refineries. Other industries include cement, furniture, metallurgy, petrochemicals, processed foods, steel, and shipbuilding.

Belo Horizonte is the third-largest urban agglomeration in Brazil with a 2016 population of 5,107,020. Belo Horizonte is the first planned modern city in Brazil. Urban planning in Washington, DC was the inspiration for the city’s design. The urban center, built on several hills, is surrounded by mountains. The economy of Belo Horizonte includes agriculture, automobiles, chemicals, cosmetics, food, furnishings, ironworks, metallurgy, mining, pharmaceuticals, refractory goods, steel, and textiles.

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