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France Virtual Numbers

france virtual phone numbers
Source: O#20443 – MID#100182310074

Global Call Forwarding offers five types of France Virtual Numbers: Toll Free (mobile accessible), Universal Toll Free (UIFN), Mobile (SMS optional), National (9), and Geographic. With all of these France virtual numbers, there are no long-distance charges to callers. All fees are absorbed in the monthly cost to subscribers. The following paragraphs offer more information on France virtual numbers.

Toll Free (mobile accessible) – Landlines, mobile phones, and fax transmissions can dial these numbers while pay phones and callers in other countries cannot. In addition, Toll Free (mobile accessible) numbers are costlier than Mobile (SMS optional), National (9), and Geographic numbers. The format for Toll Free (mobile accessible) France virtual numbers is “0 805 08” plus two digits plus two digits.

Universal Toll Free (UIFN) – Landlines, mobile phones, pay phones, fax transmissions, and people in other countries can dial these numbers. However, Universal Toll Free (UIFN) numbers are the costliest France virtual numbers. In addition, there is a one-time setup fee plus setup fees for each country with number access. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) issues UIFN numbers.

Mobile (SMS optional) – Landlines, mobile phones, pay phones, fax transmissions, and people in other countries can dial Mobile (SMS optional) numbers. Moreover, these are one of the cheapest available France virtual numbers, and subscribers can select an optional feature to send incoming SMS messages to their email accounts.

National (9) – Landlines, mobile phones, pay phones, fax transmissions, and people in other countries can dial National (9) numbers, and they are one of the most cost-effective options for France virtual numbers. National (9) numbers have a “09” prefix followed by four couplets of two digits.

Geographic – Landlines, mobile phones, pay phones, fax transmissions, and people in other countries can dial Geographic numbers. Like Mobile (SMS optional) and National (9) numbers, Geographic numbers are the cheapest France virtual numbers. One major benefit of Geographic numbers is that they give business a virtual presence in specific France localities.

Government of France

France is a semi-presidential republic. Paris is the capital, and the country consists of 18 administrative regions (13 metropolitan regions and 5 overseas regions). The legal system is based on civil law with review of administrative but not legislative acts. The chief of state is President Emmanuel Macron, and the head of government is Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. The bicameral legislative branch consists of a 348-seat Senate and a 577-seat National Assembly. The Court of Cassation is the highest court.

france virtual numbers
Source: O#100012462950


France virtual numbers help businesses to participate in France’s economy which has a Gross National Product (GNP) of $2.836 trillion, the 11th largest in the world. The GDP consists of agriculture (2.0%), industry (20.1%), and services (77.9%). Agricultural products include beef, cereals, dairy products, fish, potatoes, sugar beets, wheat, and wine grapes. Industries include aircraft, automobiles, chemicals, electronics, food processing, machinery, metallurgy, textiles, and tourism.

In 2017, exports were $551.8 billion, and export commodities were aircraft, beverages, chemicals, iron and steel, machinery and transportation equipment, pharmaceutical products, and plastics. Export partners were Germany (14.8%), Spain (7.7%), Italy (7.5%), the US (7.2%), Belgium (7.0%), and the UK (6.7%).

In 2017, imports were $624.9 billion, and import commodities were aircraft, chemicals, crude oil, machinery and equipment, plastics, and vehicles. Import partners were Germany (18.5%), Belgium (10.2%), Netherlands (8.3%), Italy (7.9%), Spain (7.1%), the UK (5.3%), the US (5.2%), and China (5.1%).

People and Communications

Having a France virtual number gives the 67,106,161 French residents toll free access to businesses that can be located in over 150 countries. France has a highly developed telephone system. Domestically, it has an extensive cable and microwave-radio relay system. The telephone system uses a domestic satellite system and fiber-optic cables. Internationally, France uses submarine cables, satellite earth stations, and high-frequency radiotelephone communications. Furthermore, in 2016, France had 39.006 million fixed telephone lines, 67.571 million mobile cellular telephones, and 57,226,585 internet users.

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