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Mexico Virtual Numbers

With a country code of +52, 129 million people live in the country of Mexico, where the GDP continues to rise each year. Standing at 2.1% in 2014, the GDP had risen to 2.3% by 2015. As of 2016, the GDP was reported to be valued at 1.046 trillion dollars (USD). Mexico’s GDP was behind Brazil’s until 2012. Today, the country’s GDP is 26% higher than Brazil’s and is competing globally with other well-established markets.

Mexico is the 12th largest exporter on the planet, and at least three million barrels of oil are exported each day from within its borders. The country often exports to the United States, and in 2015, it was estimated that 80% of Mexico’s goods were sent to the U.S. Mexico also maintains profitable exporting relationships with Japan, China, El Salvador, Guatemala and the European Union (EU).

Doing Business in Mexico is More Affordable

Internationally, companies of all sizes take their business operations to Mexico for manufacturing.

Manufacturing is a highly competitive industry in Mexico, leading to better prices for businesses during the phases of production. The number of employees in Mexico that work in manufacturing are estimated to be around 47 million, most of whom are highly qualified and in their twenties. Compared to the United States, manufacturing in Mexico can be 80% cheaper. Not only is the process of manufacturing more affordable, the location of the manufacturing team is also cheaper. Within a manufacturing space, the cost per square foot in Mexico averages at $4.74 compared to $9.00 per square foot in the United States.

Because Mexico is part of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), companies in the neighboring country of the United States look to Mexico as an inexpensive destination for business operations. Many of these companies can sell items without tariffs in the country. Duty-free production further adds to the appeal of conducting business in Mexico.

Use Mexico Virtual Numbers to Demonstrate Professionalism

Entrepreneurs will attest to the fact that communication and proper investments are of the utmost importance when conducting business. Creating Mexico virtual phone numbers allows business owners to communicate with customers worldwide while simultaneously presenting their company locally with no need for an office.

Virtual numbers are now a common solution for making and receiving calls without using separate phones. Your cell phone can be set as your business line and enabled for personal calls without confusing your customers. To maintain an air of professionalism, incoming and outgoing business calls from

Mexico should always be handled with your Mexico virtual numbers.

Wealthy customers living in Mexico desire luxury goods and services of the highest standards. Using your personal phone number for business-related communication is considered unprofessional in most circumstances. Furthermore, using your cell phone directly will not allow for advanced features that come with the setup of Mexico virtual numbers, such as extensions that can be assigned to employees remotely and additional notification options within voicemail features.

Mexico Virtual Numbers Create Strong Local Relationships

Spanish is the primary language in Mexico. With Mexico virtual numbers, it will be easier to connect with bilingual employees that are able to communicate effectively with customers speaking both Spanish and English. Naturally, employees based in Mexico can strengthen the social relationships between locals and foreign businesses by their means of interacting with customers and showing business owners how to network according to the traditions and values of locals.

Unbeknownst to some, call centers with extensions to reach various departments and employees could be using virtual numbers instead of the employees working together in a central office. You might call someone using Mexico virtual numbers and be connected to a trained associate based in a different country.

Mexico virtual numbers give a more personal touch to your brand, representing your company as a part of the community, looking to connect with the people beyond basic selling motivations. Being that Mexico is a country of diverse cultural groups, Mexico virtual numbers will allow you to connect with a unique customer base that won’t be inconvenienced by your country code.

In Conclusion

Businesses targeting diverse markets use Mexico virtual numbers because the connections rely on the internet and requires no hardware to function. The IP connection prevents expensive roaming charges and lowers the likelihood of dropped phone calls due to physical distance.

Technology is a driving force for businesses in Mexico, with a considerable amount of electronics (such as flat screen televisions) arriving from the country. On a global scale, the nation ranks fifth for computer export, and sixth for aerospace supplies. Each year, 115,000 graduates leave school prepared for a career in the engineering field.

The profits from manufacturing and exporting goods in Mexico totals more than the same industries in all of Latin America combined. With more than 40 free trade agreements, creating a presence in Mexico can provide your business with duty-free access to 60% of the world. With Mexico virtual numbers, you can position your business to grow from lower production costs, less taxation, and more customers.

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