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New York Virtual Numbers

New York Virtual Numbers
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Virtual Phone Numbers

A virtual telephone number is also known as a DID (direct inward dialing) number. Often, a virtual number is provided with a VoIP calling service which allows you to make international calls at inexpensive rates. New York Virtual Numbers can greatly benefit your business.

There are basically two types of virtual phone numbers: virtual toll-free numbers and virtual local numbers. They both serve similar purposes, but their cost varies quite significantly. They also can be forwarded to VoIP phone services.

The Importance of New York Virtual Numbers For Businesses

New York is referred to as the ‘Big Apple‘ and it is also the financial capital of the world. It is one of the most visited tourist locations on earth with popular destinations like Times Square, Broadway, and is home to some of the best restaurants, shopping, and hotels in the world.

The business atmosphere of New York is another reason why more businesses are tapping into the opportunities that are readily available. The teeming population of the city is like a gold mine for both service and product oriented businesses alike.

However, for a start-up company that is struggling to make some headway, setting up physical offices in New York can be quite difficult. Reason being that New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Property prices are high and may constitute a burden on the financials of young businesses looking to have a presence in New York.

New York virtual numbers are the solution that businesses need to help them solve the problem of requiring them to have a brick and mortar office in New York. Calls made can be redirected from your New York numbers to any part of the world – internationally, nationally, or locally. These calls can be received by mobile lines, landlines, and fax machines.

What Exactly are New York Virtual Numbers?

New York virtual phone numbers are local telephone numbers that begin with the 1-212 prefix. It is used for forwarding calls to a destination number that is determined by the subscriber. Global Call Forwarding stands at the forefront for businesses offering this service!

What Else Is Offered Apart From A New York Virtual Number?

There are several other calling features that are attached to a subscription to a virtual New York number. You are just not getting a number but a complete service that includes fax to email services, conference calling, virtual assistant, voicemail services and so much more!

However, some businesses tend to have a need for advanced services such as logging analytics and call tracking. These services help businesses understand their customers and are able to serve them better.

How Do New York Virtual Numbers Work?

Incoming calls made to your New York virtual number will be rerouted to your landline, mobile line, or fax wherever you are in the world. Whenever customers dial your New York virtual number, all calls are forwarded through traditional telephone routers and cloud technology.

When you sign up through Global Call Forwarding, you are assigned your New York virtual number. You can make changes on the online platform such as the phone number that calls will be forwarded to. You can also route calls to multiple lines. This is a great way of staying in touch with your customers if your business is operating from multiple locations or in different time zones.

Who Needs A New York Virtual Number?

A virtual phone number is a very useful and convenient way of keeping in touch with friends and family, customers, and business associates.

Staying in Touch With Family and Friends

New York virtual numbers are not just great for businesses, but also for individuals who are travelling to New York. Also, friends and family can dial your New York virtual number if you are located in another country. It is a cheaper way to call as they will only be charged at rates for local calls while the call is being forwarded to you in another country.

Closing The Gap Between Business and Customers

New York virtual numbers enable vendors and customers to connect easily with your business. Customers are especially more comfortable with calling a local number as opposed to an international one. Therefore, having a New York virtual number is practically as good as having a branch office in New York, especially if your business is digital or phone-based.

How Can I Get A New York Virtual Number?

By simply signing up for a free trial with Global Call Forwarding, you can start using your virtual number immediately! Here are some important questions that you need to answer when purchasing virtual numbers for your business.

  • What is the number of destination countries that are allowed?
  • Are there other countries where they offer virtual number services? This is important especially if you want more than one virtual number in several locations.
  • What type of phone service plans do they offer? You need to know whether their call forwarding charges are on a per minute basis or an all-inclusive service plan.
  • Do service plans include your destination country?
  • What other equipment will be needed for the service?
  • Do these calling plans meet your business’s calling needs?

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