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United States Virtual Numbers

In today’s competitive business market, telephone communication is vital to the success of every company. Businesses leverage every possible means of technology and tool in order to get their products and services to the greatest number of people. Getting  United States Virtual Numbers will give your business a competitive edge.

A huge factor responsible for the globalization of business is e-commerce. Technology has made it possible to conduct business from anywhere in the world. Companies located in China can communicate and transact with people from the US, while companies based in faraway Belarus can just as easily reach customers in South Korea or Spain or the UK. Technological development is amazing, and the possibilities it avails for those who take advantage of it are limitless.

United States Virtual Numbers Enhance Communication for Businesses

Despite the precedence of the internet, customers often call businesses with inquiries, to sign up for services, or to place orders. Telephone communication also allows customers to easily reach companies with their queries and concerns, with the added benefit of fast human-to-human conversation, that can be lost using email or live chat.

International calling is difficult and expensive, and most people would never consider calling an overseas country just for a product inquiry, knowing they will be responsible for the fees incurred. However, with United States virtual numbers, reaching your customers in any part of the country becomes convenient and affordable. These virtual numbers can be forwarded to your office phone lines or call center or even your mobile phone, for receiving calls from any part of the US.

Advantages of Virtual Numbers

United States virtual numbers enable businesses around the world to connect with existing and potential customers in the US. Small and medium-sized businesses often use these numbers to establish virtual offices, since it is much more cost-effective in contrast to opening physical offices or call centers overseas. With the use of United States virtual numbers, many businesses have reported more than 50 percent increase in call volume.

Call Forwarding

The call forwarding feature of virtual numbers offers several benefits. The most significant benefit is the affordability and cost-efficiency of the service. Call charges for United States virtual numbers are the same as a local call, so when your American customers call these virtual numbers, they are charged at local rates, as if they were calling within the country. Additionally, there is no maintenance required for these numbers, unlike traditional phone lines and copper wires. These numbers are hosted in the cloud, eliminating expensive line rentals and maintenance.


The next advantage is portability. No matter where in the world you are, your American customers can reach you on your company lines or call center with United States virtual numbers. Even when you are traveling or outside of office hours, you can easily connect with your customers using your virtual numbers by forwarding them to your mobile number. If your company moves to a new location, you still can use these numbers without any worries.

Fast and Easy Setup

Another big advantage of United States virtual phone numbers is the easy set-up process. Traditional phone systems require a lot of time to set up and even require a few visits to the operator’s office. A lot of effort is also spent in maintaining the system. In comparison,  virtual numbers have an easy online installation process that takes only a few minutes. Once you subscribe to the service, you can start using it almost immediately.

Accessibility and local presence are two other benefits that businesses enjoy when they acquire virtual numbers. Customer support is a major aspect of any business, and without a proper channel of communication, it isn’t possible to provide fully efficient customer service. United States virtual numbers make your company more accessible to your US customers. These numbers also enable businesses to have a local presence without the hassle of opening an office or call center there. Customers or potential prospects can call the numbers at any time at local call rates, which adds to their trust in your business.

How Do United States Virtual Numbers Work?

Setting up United States virtual numbers is easy. You first have to buy a local United States virtual number and select the device where you want to route your calls. Once you have selected the device, you can ask your service provider to set up the system, or you can do it yourself. You can start receiving calls on your chosen device as soon as your virtual numbers are activated.

If you need to receive calls from different parts of the country, you can choose multiple city-specific numbers. All of the numbers will be directed to the same device if that’s what you prefer, or you can choose direct forwarding settings for different numbers. Callers will still be able to reach you at local rates no matter where in the US they are located.

As you can see, there are numerous incredible features offered with United States virtual numbers that weren’t possible with traditional telephone systems. Global Call Forwarding is the global leader in call forwarding services. Contact us today, and learn how United States virtual numbers can take your business past geographical boundaries with total convenience.

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