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Singapore Virtual Office

A Singapore virtual office provides businesses with a phone number and address in Singapore. Get a virtual office in Singapore to grow your business!

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It is simply amazing to think how technology transforms many aspects of life, sometimes without you even noticing it. The emergence of the Internet and easier access to it has enabled businesses to operate in ways that were previously thought to be inconceivable or unrealistic.

Renting office space is nothing new, but the concept of a virtual office space is sinking in at a steady pace. Thousands of small and midsized businesses are opting for virtual offices. You can also get a Singapore virtual office to grow your business in this thriving economy.

Get a Virtual Office in Singapore

There are many compelling reasons for a company to get a virtual office space.

The first reason to get a virtual office space is the inherently low cost. It would cost you much less to rent this type of workspace than to rent a building for your business and incurring high operational costs. For startups and other growing companies, saving running costs is a prerequisite. When you rent or set up an office in a brick and mortar setup, all allied services like Internet, phone, and electricity need to be arranged for separately and the cost ends up escalating big time. In virtual office packages, these offerings come bundled.

While you may lack the money to rent an office in Singapore, a virtual office is an affordable solution. You can actually get a Singapore virtual office and expand your operations into Singapore without spending a huge amount of money.

Singapore is a thriving place for companies of all sizes. It is among the economically progressing places in the Asian subcontinent. In recent years, tourism has grown significantly in Singapore and media companies have also been eyeing it as a viable destination. Get a virtual office in Singapore to grow your business in this thriving marketplace.

Tailor a Singapore Virtual Office Package for Your Business

Business users should analyze a few critical aspects when buying virtual office packages from any provider.

  • International call forwarding – a virtual office in Singapore should be equipped with an international call forwarding service. The call forwarding should be flawless, regardless of when and from where the calls are made. The virtual office package should include a local or toll free number to forward calls from Singapore. This gives your company the required credibility.
  • Flexibility in office setup – another notable feature you should look for in Singapore virtual office packages is the flexibility of workspace. For small companies, a co-working setup is ideal when midsized ones may feel better with window office setups. The flexibility in office locations should also be a consideration. You could see if you could rent the virtual workspace in east or central Singapore. A virtual office in the Marina region is also a feasible option.
  • Potential advantages – consider the majestic aspects you will be getting as a client. You would look for apt, ergonomic business furniture to begin with. The workspace should be equipped with the required PC peripherals. Provisions for security and clean-up should also be a necessity in such an enterprise. Like regular workspace, a kitchen with machines to make tea/coffee and warm foods should also be looked at.
  • Internet access – no matter what your company sells, you will need high speed Internet service in a virtual office setup, be it Singapore or anywhere else. Look for amazing options for the same when seeking a virtual office package. Top Singapore virtual office service providers offer in-office wireless Internet with option for backup plans. They also offer Wi-Fi hotspots at many places outside the office.
  • Customizability – When you decide to get a virtual office in Singapore for your venture, ensure that there are enough options for customization. Without the required customization, your business may not get the edge to cast an impression on target customers. From flexibility in the layout of your office to the kind of furniture to be used in the setup, everything should be customizable.
  • Policies and charges – When you press the button for an entity offering Singapore virtual office packages, you should check out its service terms and charges well. Usually, these entities include Internet access, electricity, furniture, and so forth within their package and charge you a monthly amount. Of course, you can also look for weekly and yearly packages based on your monetary range and work needs. Some entities will offer you relocation options within the same city without any extra charges. Then there are a few that offer the option to quit a package if you are not satisfied.


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