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Canada Virtual Toll Free Numbers

The economic ties between the United States and Canada are responsible for creating the world’s largest trading partnership, with close to $700 billion in goods and services traded in 2015. The proximity to the United States has benefited Canada greatly, with a GDP that is 10th in the world and a per capita of more than $40,000 for the 36 plus million people living in the country. Whether you’re in the US or another part of the world, getting Canada virtual toll free numbers gives your business access to a trade zone that is rapidly approaching three quarter of $1 trillion.

Canada virtual phone numbers

Trade and Growth

One of the best ways to create jobs and growth for long-term prosperity is having a robust trade agreement. As the largest customer of the US, Canada has purchased almost $400 billion in goods in 2015, which is more than any other nation, including all 28 countries of the European Union. This is responsible for millions of jobs for both countries, and many business opportunities for entrepreneurs and companies that are looking to capitalize in this highly lucrative environment. With Canada virtual toll free numbers, individuals and organizations can establish a presence in Canada immediately without having to cross the border.

According to the World Bank, Canada is also second in the world when it comes to the ease of doing business and seventh to getting credit. These are two metrics that are extremely important for entrepreneurs when choosing a new business destination. Being able to obtain the capital to start a business, combined with an environment that has been designed to simplify the different regulations for establishing a company makes Canada a worthwhile destination.

So how fast is it to incorporate your company and register for VAT or value added tax in Canada? It takes one day to file for federal incorporation and provincial registration via Industry Canada’s online Electronic Filing Centre, and less than one day to register for online for VAT. This is the type of expediency that will make the Canada virtual toll free numbers you get from Global Call Forwarding a valuable investment.

The Value of Virtual Toll Free Numbers

Canada virtual toll free numbers allow businesses to test the waters in the Canadian market remotely, but with the same availability when it comes to local communications. Essentially, you are operating in Canada without being there, but you will have the capability to immediately respond to customer requests with local presence. In terms of CapEX and OpEX or capital and operational expenditures, it is a win-win during the exploratory stage for a business.

Global Call Forwarding uses a robust network infrastructure to ensure the Canada virtual toll free numbers you get from the company is always on. With so much at stake in the Canadian economy, quality of service along with customer experience are extremely valuable features businesses and consumers demand in this highly developed country.

Enhance Customer Service and Improve the Customer Experience

Establishing a business in a developed country comes with some caveats when it comes to customer service and a customer experience because they are more sophisticated. Therefore their level of expectation is going to be higher, and you have to deliver by ensuring the services you acquire are always up and running. The Canada virtual toll free numbers from Global Call Forwarding are delivered by company with over two decades of experience and global enterprise customers that rely on the services the company provides. This includes 24/7 customer support backed by the network infrastructure of Tier 1 carriers to deliver high rate of availability and business continuity.

These are critically important points to expect from your communications solutions provider to ensure the connectivity you will be relying on to grow your business now and in the future.

Experience and Features

Based on the experience Global Call Forwarding has acquired over the past two decades, the company has created failsafe features with the goal of ensuring the calls your customers make to the Canada virtual toll free numbers will always reach your business. This is achieved with Advanced Call Forwarding, Advanced IVR/PBX, Simultaneous Ringing, Select Country Forwarding, Sequential Forwarding, Call Transfer, and Failover Forwarding. These are part of a total of 16 Advanced Features Global call forwarding provides for free to deliver the reliability and options you will need as you start making yourself available in Canada.

A breakdown of Advanced Call Forwarding highlights just one feature, but it showcases what it can deliver in terms of ensuring the calls your customers make to the Canada virtual toll free numbers will be answered. This system routes calls to to any of the different touch points you select, which can be a mobile phone, voicemail box, VoIP, a call center or an answering service.

You can further customize the routed calls you receive based on day of the week or time of day. And if the call is coming from a foreign country, it lets you redirect the call to accommodate their needs based on language, geography or other criteria.

When you add the other Advanced Features, you can create a redundancy system that will guarantee the calls to your Canada virtual toll free numbers will always be answered by someone.

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