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Dubai Virtual Toll Free Numbers

Creating a virtual presence in a foreign country, and enabling potential customers to call your business without incurring any charges—these are the major advantages you get with Dubai virtual toll free numbers.

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Dubai is a place that presents ample business growth opportunities, and if you are looking to expand your business to this region, Dubai virtual toll free numbers help you do that in a cost-effective and hassle-free manner. Let’s go a bit more into the details of how these numbers can help you build a presence in Dubai:

Dubai Call Forwarding — Understanding How it Works

You may have a small start-up or a chain of businesses, and are looking expand your presence internationally. Dubai is a gorgeous and monumental city, and setting up a business presence there can translate into more sales and expansion. However, moving to Dubai and setting up a physical office is not the only way to enter the market. You can use Dubai virtual toll free numbers to connect to clients in the Gulf by establishing a virtual presence while you run your business from another part of the world.

Having Dubai virtual toll free numbers means that customers residing in the city and even other places in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) can reach out to you by dialing a toll free number. Any calls made to this number are then automatically forwarded to any number of your choice, be it a landline in your office, your home phone, a cell phone number or even VoIP.

The biggest advantage of Dubai virtual toll free numbers is that you can be located in any part of the world, but with such numbers you do not have to miss a single call from your customers in Dubai.

The basic idea behind getting a toll free number is to encourage clients to reach out to you, and with Dubai virtual toll free numbers you can do that in an affordable, stress-free way. Since the phone numbers are toll free, customers in the city will not be reluctant to call you up for the smallest of issues since the phone calls are free, and their phone calls can be forwarded anywhere, even a call center in another country, to give your clients an excellent service experience.

You do not need to incur the massive charges of hiring a workforce and setting up a full office in the United Arab Emirates, just pay for phone calls and have uninterrupted connection lines with your customers.

Why Dubai is an Important Place for Business Expansion

The trade hub of the entire Middle East region, the city of Dubai has stellar infrastructure and government policies that encourage the growth of all businesses, irrespective of size. This is the major reason why Dubai is today considered one of the best destinations for investments and trade development.

The primary sectors from where the city earns its revenue include real estate, financial services, and tourism. In 2014, the gross domestic product (GDP) of Dubai was an impressive 82.87 billion USD. The city is all set to host Expo 2020 soon, which makes it a great time for business owners to expand their operations to Dubai and target the approximately 25 million visitors who are expected to attend the event.

In addition, the minimal taxation in the city gives you the ideal atmosphere to set up a virtual business and reach out to more customers than ever before.

Why Your Business Needs to Get Dubai Virtual Toll Free Numbers

What is the one vital factor to making your business successful? The answer is customers, and lots of them. But to attract customers, you need to keep communication lines open and for that you need a reliable mode of communication. Most people still prefer using the phone to inquire about different services rather than filling out forms online or visiting the office in person, so getting Dubai virtual toll free numbers works to your advantage.

When you buy Dubai virtual toll free numbers from Global Call Forwarding, you get a streamlined process without any tedious set-up process, and you can choose from several features like customized greetings for callers, advanced IVR options, and a lot more to give the best experience to each caller and ensure that you do not have to deal with missed calls.

You can also use Dubai virtual toll free numbers as advertising material on your print, electronic, and online campaigns so that people start associating the numbers with a brand image. Even if you are a fledgling company on a low budget, the cost of getting virtual toll free phone numbers is minor compared to the revenue potential. Adopting such strategies and getting Dubai virtual toll free numbers can project the image of being a reputable, well-established business that people can trust.

Moreover, when customers see a toll free number, it conveys the message that you care so much for them that you do not want them to even incur telephone charges—another factor that works in your favor when you are trying to build your business presence in a different land and trying to establish more relationships. And the latter aspect here really never ends!

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