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Hong Kong Virtual Toll Free Numbers

When a business expands its operations overseas, one of the first challenges faced is how to establish a clear line of communication. Making themselves easily accessible to customers and contacts in faraway countries requires a firm understanding of the options available.

For example, if a business wants to build a presence in Hong Kong, they’ll need to invest in some form of communication as a first step. Customers within any marketplace are attracted to businesses that readily offer a means of instant communication, and that stands true in Hong Kong as well.

At Global Call Forwarding, we supply Hong Kong virtual toll free numbers for foreign businesses interested in growing a presence in Hong Kong. Building credibility within Hong Kong is difficult thanks to its highly competitive market. Offering a toll free number that’s easy to dial is a step in the right direction for foreign businesses.

Hong Kong’s unique place on the cusp of China and close ties with the United States make it a haven for new businesses. Combined with an open global market, this nation provides unlimited potential for companies with a proper strategy. Let’s take a closer look at the role Hong Kong plays in the global marketplace and how businesses can improve their standing with Hong Kong customers and contacts with virtual toll free phone numbers.

Hong Kong’s Dynamic Economy

Hong Kong is one of a few countries with a completely free-market economy. It is, however, dependent upon international trade and finance. Hong Kong also imposes no tariffs on imported goods which makes it incredibly appealing to foreign businesses that sell products and goods. There are only four commodities it does have excise duties on and these include hydrocarbon oil, tobacco, liquor, and methyl alcohol. Hong Kong also enjoys a strong connection with the US dollar, which makes for a stronger economy overall.

Unfortunately, Hong Kong, like many other nations, was weakened slightly by the global economic slowdown of 2008. It came back stronger than ever, however, thanks to increased cooperation with China in the way of tourism, trade, and financial backing. Some do worry about Hong Kong’s dependence on foreign trade, but in general it is seen as an excellent place for investment.

Hong Kong faces some challenges when it comes to natural resources, and food and raw materials are purely imported. This opens up plenty of opportunity for those in the agricultural sector as well as in the goods industry. China has also eased travel restrictions, which has increased the number of tourists to the mainland from just 4.5 million in 2001 to 47.3 million in 2014.

The service industry in Hong Kong has grown rapidly in recent years, thanks to an agreement with China, and in 2015 Hong Kong-based companies received a serious boost from this agreement. Access to services in Hong Kong have never been more favorable, leading to serious economic development.

Hong Kong’s integration with mainland economies has particularly benefited the finance sector. Government initiatives such as the Hong Kong-Shanghai Stock Connect are proving to be important steps along the journey towards opening up the Mainland’s markets and in proving Hong Kong to be a force to reckon with. As these initiatives are implemented, more businesses will choose Hong Kong as their home base. Purchasing Hong Kong virtual toll free numbers is an excellent option for these businesses.

What Are Hong Kong Virtual Toll Free Numbers?

Hong Kong virtual numbers are numbers that allow businesses to select a telephone number from a separate calling area far beyond their geographical location. Virtual numbers allow businesses the opportunity to add telephone numbers to their phone line, thereby freeing them from restricted access to a single number per line.

They are called virtual because they can be forwarded to virtually any phone, allowing for direct access to customers and contacts in Hong Kong. Toll free numbers also enable customers and contacts to reach a business for free, and without the hassle of complicated foreign dialing codes. Hong Kong virtual toll free numbers allow businesses to connect with their customers in Hong Kong and enable callers to quickly and easily communicate with their business.

How Can Businesses Benefit from Using Virtual Toll Free Numbers?

Hong Kong virtual toll free numbers allow businesses to create a local presence in a local area, without actually opening up a physical location. Some businesses may not even need to open up a physical location, but still need to establish a presence in the area. Toll free virtual numbers can be used for marketing purposes or simply to forward calls from Hong Kong to India where a customer service call center is located.

At Global Call Forwarding, we offer businesses an opportunity to use their virtual phone number to forward calls to different locations, thereby eliminating hassle on either side of the call. Our Hong Kong virtual toll free numbers may also be forwarded and used with a voice over IP service or a hosted PBX solution. The options are truly unlimited!

Businesses expanding their reach in Hong Kong, and who wish to quickly build a local presence in the area, do well to consider Hong Kong virtual toll free numbers for their business. Reaching customers and contacts is made much easier thanks to this service.

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