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Italy Virtual Toll Free Numbers

italy virtual toll free numbers

Has your business been looking for a new opportunity to expand its operations? If so, you may have been looking at Italy as a viable option. And the easiest way to tap into Italian markets is with Italy Virtual Toll Free Numbers.

In this article, we will take a look at a number of reasons that make Italy virtual toll free numbers some of the most sought after tools for entrepreneurs looking to establish their business in Italy.

What are Italy Virtual Toll Free Numbers?

To first understand what Italy virtual toll free numbers are, it’s important to understand how virtual phone numbers work. Basically, when a virtual phone number is dialed by a caller, the call is instantaneously routed through the internet and delivered to a phone number which is known as the “destination phone number.” This process enables businesses that subscribe to virtual phone numbers to have the ability to reach customers located anywhere in the world using one phone number. Vice versa, when a virtual phone number is coupled with an add-on called outbound calling, businesses indirectly call customers and clients located anywhere in the world without facing any restrictions by foreign service providers, such as long-distance fees or service blockages.

Italy virtual toll free numbers work in this manner and they make it possible for your business to expand as your business sees fit. Now that you’re aware of how Italy virtual phone numbers work, let’s take a look at some of the many benefits of these phone numbers.

Benefits of Italy virtual toll free numbers

Perhaps the greatest benefit of using Italy virtual toll free numbers is that your business doesn’t have to establish branch offices or brick & mortar physical locations in Italy in order to tap into target markets throughout the country. Instead, businesses are able to leverage the newest tech – namely, virtual offices and virtual locations – in order to serve customers. This is in sharp contrast to traditional business expansion efforts in Italy, which would normally require leasing property, hiring staff, opening up a foreign bank account in Italy, following regulations and a whole host of other barriers-to-entry that only enable larger enterprises the ability to penetrate Italian markets.
By contrast, once your business purchases a subscription for Italy virtual phone numbers from United World Telecom, you can immediately begin transacting with Italian customers and businesses.

They are also a wide variety of Italy virtual phone numbers available for businesses. These include local access numbers that can be purchased based on the geographic regions and cities of Italy, which makes it very easy to specifically target areas to appeal to a narrow demographic.

Conversely, you can also use ITFS numbers and UIFN numbers, which are toll free versions of Italy virtual phone numbers. Normally, if you use your business’ domestic toll free numbers, Italian customers will be charged or blocked when calling – which defeats the purpose of extending toll free service. With ITFS/UIFN numbers, you’re able to bridge the gap, so to speak, and enable Italian customers to reach your business without being charged. Instead, your organization (the subscriber) is charged, which is something many customers appreciate.
Then there are vanity phone numbers, which are Italy virtual phone numbers that feature a visually-appealing set of digits that can be used in your organization’s marketing campaigns. By selecting a vanity number and using some creativity, your brand can make a larger impact and remain in “front of mind” when compared to your competition.

Of course, there are numerous add-ons that greatly expand how Italy virtual toll free numbers function beyond just enabling callers to reach your business. Probably the most popular add-on is known as “time of day routing.” Just as the name implies, time of day routing enables inbound callers who dial your Italy virtual phone numbers to have their calls redirected to a destination phone number of your choosing depending on when the call is placed. This means that if your headquarters in New York City is closed for the day, you can have calls redirected to another call processing center located in a more favorable time zone that can field the call.

Another in-demand add-on that is growing in popularity as the Internet becomes more intertwined in our daily lives is “CallMeClick.” CallMeClick enables those who visit your website to call your business simply by clicking on a corresponding link – no need to remember your Italy virtual phone number’s digits. This add-on helps facilitate what industry insiders are predicting in the next five years as a “mobile-first” or “mobile-only” future. To stay ahead of the curve, your business should investigate this particular add-on to see if it will be a worthwhile investment.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways that Italy virtual toll free numbers can expand your business efforts and open up new business avenues in Italy. Visit today to begin subscribing with the telecom industry’s most trusted service provider for over two decades, United World Telecom.

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