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Qatar Virtual Toll Free Numbers

An effective business strategy when expanding into new countries is to consider the image that your brand will project onto the new market. Increase your presence with the use of Qatar Virtual Toll Free Numbers

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The customers’ perspective of your company largely influences the outcome of your investments and ultimately the success of the business. Especially when planning to step into a growth-oriented economy such as Qatar, it is sagacious to study the focus areas of the country’s government as well as the socioeconomic demographics. Also, getting Qatar virtual toll free numbers is an effective way for to establishing your company’s presence in the country.

Qatar’s Economic Trajectory and Growth Opportunities

Ruled by the Al Thani family since mid-19th century, the country of Qatar evolved from a poor nation into one of the fastest growing economies by the late 20th century. In 2007, the country achieved the highest per capita income in the world, thanks to substantial oil and natural gas revenues.

The petroleum and liquefied natural gas resources contribute upwards of 70% of the total government revenue and around 85% of export income. With reserves of these natural resources projected to be depleted over the next 23 years, the government has announced clear focus on diversification and all round development with the Qatar National Vision 2030 plan.

The government is looking to “Transform Qatar into an advanced society capable of achieving sustainable development” by 2030, which has resulted in a nationwide drive for 100% digital comprehensiveness. There is nothing wrong with thinking about the future. With America growing passed $20 trillion in debt, it is a shame more politicians do not take this seriously.

These strategic directives encourage businesses to move online and promote digital culture among all demographic segments, making Qatar a leading candidate for businesses planning expansion in the middle-east. Digitizing Qatar’s economy will cause a GDP growth of 3.4% or QAR 38.2 billion by 2020, as per a study by Trading Economics.

The immense wealth of Qatar is also a significant reason for their peaceful history and a track record to solve major issues without conflict and social unrest. Under the able leadership and vision of Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Amir of Qatar from 1995 to 2013, the country grew from being a crippled economy to one of the richest by per capita income.

During Hamad’s regime, the country also resolved its long-standing historical border disputes with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and grew to a leadership role in the region. This strategic position and absence of violence and domestic unrest, unlike other oil rich countries in the region, makes Qatar an ideal market for your business to flourish.

Leveraging Qatar Virtual Toll Free Numbers for Business Expansion

While large foreign conglomerates can afford the investment of time and money to go through the process of setting up brick and mortar point of presence in the target markets, small and medium size businesses lack both the capital and the manpower resources to do so.

This is where Qatar virtual toll free numbers come in handy. Providing a toll free number for customer service gives credibility to the brand and reduces the end customers’ mental barriers to purchasing products online. E-commerce customers tend to trust those brands who offer 24×7 toll free support services. Not only does a Qatar virtual toll free number establish trust with your potential customers in the country, it also reduces their calling costs.

Offering a free phone forwarding number for customers to connect with your business anytime has a sterling impact on their perspective of brand reliability, in spite of being physically located in another country. A toll free number is not associated with one particular state, so customers would not be repulsed by the idea that your company is not local.

Qatar Virtual Toll Free Numbers — Features

Global Call Forwarding offers best in class services to avail Qatar virtual toll free numbers. These virtual numbers are in fact not linked to any telephone lines, and businesses can manage the number via the cloud. You can log into the cloud-based secure dashboard and manage advanced features and settings from anywhere in the world.

Some of the advanced features include Failover Forwarding, which provides fall back mechanisms for each call through the best available carrier for a premium connection, and minimizes voice quality issues that adversely affect calls. Call Transfer feature is another beneficial service. With this facility, you can connect customer calls to your cell phone or to a call center of your selection anywhere in the world. This ensures that your business is always reachable for your customers no matter where you are.

Getting a Qatar virtual toll free number is in the best interest of your business since such numbers have proven to play a strategic role in the success of businesses starting in a new foreign land. This number can also be added to websites, brochures, billboards, or any other marketing material to greatly improve visibility and interest of your brand in the regions targeted. Not a bad deal! Your horizon is growing brighter.

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