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TalkDesk is a browser-based, contact center solution providing businesses across the world better and stronger communication tools. TalkDesk also offers integrations that work alongside their service to encourage productive and effective workflow. Global Call Forwarding has been expanding globally since 2007. It offers international toll free and local numbers in over 160 countries, allowing businesses to engage in global business communication. Here we will compare prices, features offered, and more with one of the most prominent TalkDesk alternatives, Global Call Forwarding.

TalkDesk v/s Global Call Forwarding

TalkDesk Global Call Forwarding
Lowest Plans $29 / month per agent $12.95 / month
Number of plans available 3 5
International numbers offered 40+ countries 160+ countries
Set up fee No No
Free Trial Yes Yes
Important Features Offered
Call Routing
Caller ID Masking
Outbound Calling
Call Distribution
Interactive Voice Response
Simultaneous Ringing
Voicemail to Email
Cloud Call Recording
Rollover Minutes
Reports and Analytics
Vanity Numbers
Call Logs and Activity
Black and White Lists
Number Parking
Multichannel Customer Support
Account Management

Differences in Plans and Pricing for US Toll Free Numbers

Regular Professional Enterprise
TalkDesk $29 / month per agent $49 / month per agent $99 / month per agent
Basic Value Power Premium Enterprise
Global Call Forwarding $12.95 / month $23.95 / month $78.95 / month $158.95 / month $248.95 / month

Various Methods for Customers to Contact Your Business

Customer service is extremely important for any business to thrive. And so, as a business owner, you need to do everything you can to ensure customers can reach you when in need and are not dissatisfied with your support team. Therefore, multichannel customer care becomes significant. And this is where TalkDesk alternatives offer more. For example, Global Call Forwarding has voicemail to email, fax to email, and SMS to email features. Forward voicemails as MP3 files and you can have faxes and SMS texts received in your email inbox. This is helpful because you can track calls and files that were missed. And you can consolidate important information in one place.

Global Call Forwarding also offers a CallMe Click feature that users can attach to their website. This is a widget that allows website visitors to fill their contact information and receive a call from the company almost immediately. Again, opening another portal for quick and easy communication. Customers who do not have to work hard to get in touch with you and resolve their concerns will show their appreciation.

Rollover Minutes to Manage Infrequent Call Volumes

Most businesses already have an idea of what their call volume is. However, still, every now and then, the volume may fluctuate. Some months you may have fewer calls while other months the phones don’t stop ringing. Because of possible infrequency in the amount of incoming and outgoing calls, it is good to have a back-up plan. Global Call Forwarding’s Rollover Minutes is a surefire option to fall back on. Unlike TalkDesk, Global Call Forwarding offers this option where unused minutes per month can be accumulated to be used at a future time. Therefore, no minutes go to waste.

Variety of Virtual Phone Number Options

Another important factor that separates TalkDesk alternatives is the availability of different virtual numbers. Unlike TalkDesk, Global Call Forwarding offers a range of numbers including mobile, geographic, toll free, and more. More importantly, Global Call Forwarding also has vanity numbers that can really attract customer attention.

Vanity numbers take business numbers to a whole new level. These numbers insert creative and memorable patterns or letters in the phone number. For example, 833-333-3333 or 844-CALLNOW. Such numbers are easy to identify and remember and they stay on a customer’s mind longer than a number that takes time to memorize.

Businesses Run On Good Communication Systems

It is necessary for every company to have a cloud phone system that encourages clear and effective communication. And so, the phone service you choose impacts your business greatly. It is so much more than just an option that gives you the ability to make and receive calls. Choose wisely.

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