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Phone API

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Looking into a building or improving your business’ application, but don’t have the necessary tools to integrate all of your services into a single program?

Good News – Our Voice API is the Perfect Solution

A Voice API serves as the mesh that holds an application, its software, and its operation protocols together.

In today’s technology-driven economy, business is done almost entirely online. Furthermore, it has become the norm for businesses to design and feature their own app. Building one from scratch can be a daunting task, but with the help of an application programming interface, it can really enhance the functionality and looks of your app. Some of the main features to include in your business’ application are your points of contact as well as other necessities to your different communication channels. Whether they be the company’s phone numbers, call records, tracking customer’s locations, etc. maintaining a reachable company profile is paramount in the business’ success. International corporations can take advantage of GCF’s Global Numbers Inventory with local and toll-free numbers from 80+ countries and hundreds of cities worldwide. Furthermore, customers will enjoy our exceptional global call quality with reduced latency, improved connectivity, and clear voice calls.

App designers, look no further than Global Call Forwarding’s Phone Call API

The Global Call Forwarding Voice API is a program that allows you to utilize each of Global Call Forwarding’s features directly through your own application. The Voice Call API is set up as a simple interface connected to Global Call Forwarding’s network. Corporate customers can utilize the API whether they are currently building or already have their own app. You will be able to customize your app to your own preferences and easily integrate each of the desired GCF operations into the software.

Quick Features of the Phone Call API

International Toll Free Numbers
Using our API, you can buy international toll free numbers and automatically route calls to any of your lines.Wide Range of Customization
The Global Call Forwarding API can be customized upon request to meet customers specific needs.Bulk Calling
To mobile or landline numbers with a single API requestCall Recording
Stores your calls for later access.
Intelligent Call Control
Helps organize call forwarding, transferring, voicemail and more.Call Detail Records
Get the list of call detail records (CDRs) for a given service line over a given range of time.Voice API Queuing
Holds calls for you to allow a better call connection

More Features of the Voice API

  • Get the list of countries and cities where Local or Toll Free numbers are available
  • Use the Local or Toll Free number API to check countries that are currently available
  • Purchase new Local or Toll Free numbers
  • Use the call forwarding API to get your order status
  • Get the list of all call forwarding services ordered
  • Get the list of call detail records (CDRs) for a given service line over a given range of time
  • See the status, description, and settings given to each account
  • Update and modify various parameters
  • Check available call forwarding line(s) balance(s)
  • Recharge or move funds on a service line
  • Initiate a callback and check its status
  • Upload documents

Specific Use Cases of Phone Call API:

A “use case” is a sequence of actions or steps, defining the interactions between a role and a system, to serve a purpose. Some of the use cases of Global Call Forwarding’s Telephone API: 

Call Tracking Software API
Design call tracking software and measure phone call analytics giving you the ROI of each marketing campaign. 

Two-Factor Authentication
Ensure transaction security by sending one-time passwords via voice calls.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Phone Menu
Forwards calls to an intelligent, interactive voice menu customized to your business. An IVR lowers call center costs and handles high call volumes.

Customized Greetings
Gives a personal, yet professional message to incoming calls from customers while making your business stand out from competitors. 


Don’t see the features you need for your app?

Global Call Forwarding and the information technology department are more than willing to work with the customer to develop and implement additional features to accommodate your business’ needs. For example, one customer that needed call recording services as a feature in the API requested the software be developed. The team at Global Call Forwarding worked quickly to make call recording an option for not only that customer, but all customers utilizing the API. Global Call Forwarding’s adaptability is one of the many reasons we are a leading telecommunications service provider.

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