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Tech Tips for Managing High Call Volume

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Is your tech company having trouble handling its incoming call volume? Are you afraid of losing strong potential clients? Then, it may be time to start considering virtual communication tools such as virtual toll free numbers, an IVR system, and call recording.

Handling Call Volume with Cloud-Based Tools

As a tech company, your call volume most likely consists of users and customers calling for product queries, help with the purchasing process, or tech support. Whether you have a small or large customer support team, it is important to answer and resolve every call. More importantly, you want to ensure high first-call resolution rates. So, how can you do this? By providing easy means of communication and using automation to distribute calls evenly and appropriately.

Virtual Toll Free Numbers

Toll free numbers for tech companies are a preferred business number type because they offer a free option for customers to call your business. Calls made to these numbers charge the receiver instead of the caller which is why callers don’t hesitate to dial away. Furthermore, with a virtual toll free number, you only pay what you subscribe to with your virtual provider. And this is significantly inexpensive.

Additionally, virtual numbers come with many advanced features meant to improve your office system. For instance, you can use call forwarding to redirect calls to specific numbers or during specific times of the day. You can record incoming and outgoing calls. Use an IVR system to distribute calls through automation. And even have incoming faxes and instant messages delivered to your email. These features can help you organize your communications better so that you are able to serve each customer well.

Organize with an IVR System

An interactive voice response or IVR system can support you during low and high call volume periods. This automated voice response can answer incoming calls, identify the purpose of the call, and assist callers in achieving resolution. For example, tech companies use IVR to sort through calls made for customer service, product activation, payment and accounting concerns, etc. Calls get immediately redirected to the right department without the caller being bounced back and forth.

The IVR system uses pre-recorded messages and rules determined beforehand to help callers navigate. In some advanced cases, the IVR system may even be able to provide troubleshooting suggestions or help the caller make a payment, and so on. This is useful as it can take care of callers when agents are busy on other calls. It also helps reduce the amount of time agents spend on simple calls which frees them to focus on more complicated matters.

Call Recording Software

A call recording software is another way to support call volume. By recording calls, agents can refer to them in the future to avoid misunderstandings and errors. It is an excellent way to track customer information, alongside CRM note-taking.

Agents answer hundreds of calls per day and assist many callers with their concerns and issues. Listening to past recordings can help refresh agents’ memories regarding specific calls or clients. And this will ensure that they provide the best service possible.

How Can Global Call Forwarding Help?

Global Call Forwarding is the leading provider of virtual business phone solutions in the world. We offer a variety of virtual numbers such as toll free, local, and international numbers. Furthermore, you can access key tools and features to better organize and control your call volume and focus on providing quality customer service. Good customer service leads to higher customer satisfaction rates, which is necessary for the effective functioning of any business. Want to learn more about how we can help your specific business? Call us at 1 (888) 908 6171 to talk to an expert.

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