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Are 877 Numbers Toll Free?

877 toll free

Toll Free Number Prefixes

If you’ve seen television commercials, billboards, or newspaper and magazine advertisements at any time, you have seen toll free numbers at work in the real world. These are often used as a marketing tool for companies who want to give potential customers an easy way of contacting them for products or services. Other common reasons for calling a toll free number include:

  • Ordering or reordering a product
  • Contact customer service
  • Asking for store opening or closing hours
  • Asking for more information about a product or service

Toll free prefixes include 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833, which was added in 2017. Just like the name states, toll free numbers are absolutely free… for callers. Of course, having a toll free service is not free for the company. Your business pays for incoming and outgoing calls made.

So which of these toll free formats are best for your growing enterprise? It is first important to understand the differences between them. You may be interested to learn that these numbers aren’t chosen randomly. 800 is the most recognized toll free number, with 888 being a close second. However since the other numbers are newer, like 877, many people may not realize it is toll free for them to call. So if you decide to use 877 as your company’s prefix, you will be happy to know it is toll free. And don’t forget to relay that information to your customers as well!

Toll Free Vanity Numbers With 877

Letting callers know that your number is toll free is an excellent way to increase the number of calls you receive, thus improving your overall Return On Investment (ROI). Another way to do this is with a vanity number, which makes your business easier to remember when a client has the need for your service in the future.

For example, if you choose the toll free number 877-NEW-CLAIM, it could be just one possibility for your attorney’s office. When advertising this number, you can simply state, “Call us toll free today at 877-NEW-CLAIM. We’re waiting for your call!” Depending on which medium you use, you can have them written out or said out loud. Even if callers don’t realize it’s free, it’s good to remind them so that your ROI is not impacted in any way.

There is a slight risk in getting one of these “nontraditional” toll free prefixes. Callers may misremember the prefix and accidentally dial 800 or 888. If this is the case, and someone else is using the 800 version of your number, you may inadvertently be sending more traffic to a competitor. So before getting your toll free 877 number, you should check out who is using the other versions of the same number, just in case.

How to Get an 877 Vanity Phone Number

If you’ve decided you want an 877 vanity number, getting one is easy. First, you must research a few industry terms that you may want to use. For example, if you are a landscaper, some possibilities might be NEW-YARD, NEW-LAWN, or NEW-TURF, depending on which are available in the 877 format.

What’s great about using vanity numbers is that you are not necessarily “stuck” with the XXX-XXXX format. This is one of the reasons why 1-800-FLOWERS is so popular. If you are a local plumber that wants more national recognition, 1-877-PLUMBER is a great way to start! As long as the terms are short and sweet, and easy to remember,  you are well on your way to achieving a new marketing campaign that works. Remember to pick out a few variations of the terms just in case the number that you want is not available.

Once you choose your key terms and phone number, a third-party provider will help you check availability and give you options. After purchase, you will be able to easily connect it to your current phone lines.

Why Choose Toll Free 877 Numbers?

The short answer is that toll free numbers are simply more effective than their counterparts. Local area codes may be useful for local businesses that can only service certain areas, but 877 numbers extend into a national audience. So if you know your company is seeking growth in the near future, 877 is the way to go. Even new business owners who work from home can make themselves seem like a much larger corporation with a national line.

As stated previously, toll free numbers place the cost of the call with businesses, and not customers. This automatically makes your business the affordable option over your competition. More than that, you have ownership over your 877 number, which means that you can transfer it as needed. So even if you don’t stay with the same provider, you can still keep your memorable vanity line.

877 numbers do not work any differently than other toll free numbers. They cost exactly the same as 800 numbers and others as well. You also get the same benefits that an 800 provides. If your number is enabled for texting, your company can offer the option of receiving text messages on that line, too!

Toll Free Numbers and the FCC

Luckily, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) sets up certain rules that prevent companies from “hoarding” or even broking toll free numbers. So if you purchase an 877 phone number, you must have the intention to use it. Otherwise, your enterprise may be hit with fines and penalties. But don’t forget that numbers are sold on a “first come, first served” basis, so if you don’t get yours right away, those opportunities may be lost.

Global Call Forwarding

The team members at Global Call Forwarding want you to take advantage of the opportunities toll free 877 numbers provide. Yes, they are toll free. And yes, they are very much worth your time. For more information, you can get started by contacting us at our own toll free number. Call 1(888) 908-6171 today.

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