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Cheapest Way to Keep a Phone Number

cheapest way to keep a phone number

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Available forms of communication and how communications systems are managed has developed dramatically over the years. Landlines are being used much less, while mobile has become far more mainstream. For those who do not really use their landline anymore, but do not want it to be assigned to anything else or continue to pay the same bill each month, you may be wondering, “What is the cheapest way to keep a phone number?” There are options available that are cost-effective and make perfect sense. One of them is called number parking and there are different features that can be paired with number parking, depending on the needs of the individual or business.

Industry studies indicate that less than 50 percent of households in the United States still have landlines. This accounts for less than half of the nation. This number is expected to continue to decrease, as mobile devices quickly become the new norm. Mobile devices are not just on the upswing for personal use, either. Many businesses are increasingly relying on mobile-friendly communications and internet-based phone numbers for their communication needs.

Number Parking Equates to Great Cost-Effectiveness

Many are finding that the cost-savings in canceling their landlines alone is pretty significant. Those who wish to reap the money-saving benefits, but do not want to simply cancel their phone number to have it reassigned to someone else can do something called number parking.

If a number is parked, there will be no incoming or outgoing calls through that phone line. This can be done for both landlines and mobile phone numbers. A parked phone number is not assigned to anyone else and ownership of the number is maintained by the person or business that parks it. Inbound callers to this parked number are may be directed to a message that advises them that the number has been parked. Callers may leave the owner of the phone a message or the calls to the number may instead be automatically redirected to another number.

Why Opt for Number Parking?

There are a number of reasons why someone may want to learn more about the cheapest way to keep a phone number. As situations arise in life, opting for the cheapest way to keep a phone number without having the line in use may be the best alternative. Some of the situations that could call for looking into the cheapest way to keep a phone number may be a business or person moving with or without a gap of time in between the old location and the new location, managing of someone’s affairs after they have passed away, and simply look for ways to reduce expenditures.

Reasons to Park a Number

If someone happens to be moving from one place to another and there is an amount of time between the time one leaves one home and settles into the new home, it may be smart to look for the cheapest way to keep a phone number during the time that it is not actually in use. Also, if a person is moving to a completely different area but does not want to lose touch with those in the place they are moving from, they could opt for parking the number and having calls to that number forwarded to their mobile line or a new landline in their new home.

Managing someone’s affairs after they have passed away is another situation that could call for the cheapest way to keep a phone number. While putting someone’s affairs in order, there may be calls coming in that need to be responded to for some time. Having the person’s phone number parked, but with calls coming into that number forwarded, so that news can be passed and arrangements can be made may be very important.

Cutting back on expenditures is another reason to look into the cheapest way to keep a phone number. A business may want to cut back on the cost of certain phone lines, but not want to miss out on calls made to a phone number that has, perhaps, been part of the business for some time. The business owner could then park the number and have calls made forwarded to another phone number.

The parking of phone numbers in partnership with features such as forwarding of calls or having a recording for callers can help to save money and streamline communication processes. Global Call Forwarding provides number parking, as well as the corresponding features and has built a solid reputation based on experience, customer service, competitive rates, and professionalism. Call Global Call Forwarding today to learn more about the cheapest way to keep a phone number that is not in use.

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