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The Most Clever Business Cards In The World

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Why Use Business Cards?

While we are living in an increasingly digital world, business cards still matter. This is because networking can happen at any time and any location, including a person’s own circle of friends. They are especially convenient if you want to make a good first impression but happen to be out of the office and caught off guard. Having a business card on hand helps you find new opportunities, relationships, and sales when needed. Having one is much more professional than jotting your name down on a scrap of paper with a pen.

However, this traditional method of networking doesn’t need to look traditional. A well-designed business card can do wonders in terms of key people remembering your name when the time comes. The balance is that the card must include both form and function. If it looks a little too “out there,” your contact will be too distracted to remember who you are or what you do. If it is too boring, you will be forgotten altogether. Below you can view some of the most popular and clever business cards in the industry and a few tips on how to make yours even better.

The World’s Most Clever Business Cards

How do the following companies promote their brands in a clever way?

  • Dorota Pankowska is an artist who makes use of swirly patterns for her business cards made out of real, working crayons. She used a laser cut acrylic prototype to make the molds.
  • The Tatumi store sells temporary tattoos online. Each of their business cards comes with one temporary tattoo. The tattoo displays their logo and a couple of unique designs.
  • This fitness trainer’s card has the image of a larger person with a sticker over it. When you peel the sticker off, it reveals a smaller, slimmer person! This creatively demonstrates the trainer’s ability to help people lose unwanted weight.  
  • James A.W. Mahon is a divorce lawyer. For his business card, he created a perforated edge down the middle. This way, the card is easily torn in two and both spouses can each have his information on hand.
  • This Pilates studio’s card looks like a standard rectangle at first. However, you can pull out the head, arms, and legs to reveal a dancing person. The tagline is “Wake up your body!”

By the way, did you know that business cards can be made of edible materials? This online shop allows you to make cards out of peanuts, beef jerky, cookies, and more.

How to Make Your Business Card More Clever

Think of a business card as having your own personal marketing campaign. You can customize cards so that they convey the exact impression you want to give. After all, the ultimate goal is to get contacted by a prospect, so there are definite ways to make improvements.

  1. Materials. Think about the different types of materials you can use in place of paper. A Brazilian cheese shop called Bon Vivant, for example, created a miniature cheese grater as their standard business card. It is an actual, working cheese grater made of metal that you can take home and cook with.

Another way to incorporate creative with materials is shown through Momento Bricks. These are stackable 3D bricks made of plastic. Even though these bricks are a little less “practical,” everyone can agree it’s a material worth remembering. Place your name, email, or website at the front for a more fun representation of what you do.

  1. Shapes. Standard business cards are traditionally rectangles or squares, but in this case, feel free to think outside of this box. One business, in particular, created an actual Ninja star as their business card. The creator of this card explains how they were inspired by old kung-fu movies and the ninja stars used as weapons. The material is quite safe, however. Even though the shape is unique, the star is made out of dense silver cardboard.

Another card, made for a company that sells staircases, has the unique shape of, well, stairs! The logo and corporate branding are placed at the front of the card while a QR code on the bottom links the user to the website where they can find additional information about the company.

  1. Interaction. Give someone the chance to really connect with your card. This polaroid heat sensitive card was created by a Viennese photo producer. The cards are layered in black, thermo-sensitive ink. This means that when a person touches them with their skin, a white image develops. So, if you kiss the card, you will see an imprint of your lips a moment later!

When a card is interactive, it can have some practical use as well. This business card for a tire shop allows the user to check the tread on their tires. When the tread is marked low, that means it’s time to go into the shop! The trick is that the “interactive” part of the card coincides with the business that they run. This not only sets them apart from their competitors, their card is also an item that consumers want to keep for future use.

What Goes On My Business Card?

Swapping information should feel like a personal experience, and this is why many believe in the power of in-person networking and a good handshake. A memorable card is also a great icebreaker and conversation starter. Once you’ve figured out the concept of the card, it’s time to get started creating yours. Consider the standard information first:

  • Name and company title (such as manager, director, or CEO)
  • Company name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Website

Of course, not all of this information is necessary. The main takeaway is that someone will know who you are, what you do, and how to get in touch with you. Many professionals also like to write a short tagline if it fits within the borders of the card. Ultimately, what you place on the card is truly up to you and your preferences, so feel free to get creative.

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