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How to Get Employees to Do What You Want Them to Do

Being the boss means that everyone does exactly what you tell them to do all the time, right? No. Everyone is different and adds something special to the team that you probably created. It’s why you hired them in the first place. In order to get your employees to work at their greatest potential, there are several simple strategies that you can implement to get amazing results. If your team is already perfect, that’s great; your job is done, but if you want to find creative ways that will enhance the way your employees get their work done, then read on.

Encourage Hard Work In Exchange for Benefits

Employees will work harder if there is an incentive at stake. The benefit does not have to be huge, but it does have to be something that your employees want. Obviously, you can’t offer everyone stock options, but you can offer bonuses or PTO. The incentives don’t even have to be monetarily-based either. Something as small as letting someone sleep in for a day or be in charge of the office playlist for a day can be great benefits that add to workplace enjoyment. Let your employees know that those who finish their work on time and do it well, will always be rewarded and you will be sure to have an office full of highly responsible employees.

Gain the Trust and Respect of Your Employees

When you truly care about and respect another person, you are more likely to do favors for them. If you really don’t like someone and they need something you’ll most likely laugh and tell them to go take a walk (in perhaps, more colorful language). If you have the trust and respect of your employees, they will do whatever you ask of them. In order to gain the respect of your team, you need to have their best interests at heart. This will not go unnoticed. Also, make sure that you give them a reasonable amount of work that they can complete in the necessary deadlines. Don’t overwhelm anyone with work that they could not possibly finish in time. There are also many ways to enforce discipline on your employees in a way that will not offend the other party while still getting your message across. Play nice and more kindness from your team will follow.

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Practice Constant Communication

Your employees are more likely to work harder if you are constantly checking in with them. It is also important at these planned check-ins to help them plan out their futures with the company. Whether that means planning out a schedule for promotion or another advancement, it is important that you communicate your plans with each employee. Not only will the morale of the employees increase, these communication checks will naturally motivate them to work harder. It will also help to pinpoint areas that they can work on. If an employee is unaware of something that they are doing incorrectly, they can’t correct themselves if you do not point it out and steer them in the correct direction.

When you practice constant communication with all of your employees, your bond between boss and employee will grow, and naturally, loyalty and respect will happen. Being open to conversations with employees gives employees the feeling that their voice is being heard and they will be more likely to do whatever the businesses need them to do if they feel that they are being cared for at work.

Be sure to implement all of these different methods year-round. Soon your team will be the most highly functioning in the office and ready to take on any upcoming challenges. And not only will you be rewarding your team, but your efforts in bringing your team together and creating a space where your employees feel their work is noticed will surely get you noticed by your bosses as well. Just remember to listen to your employees, always treat your employees with kindness and respect, and reward your employees when they have done a good job.

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