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Notorious International Phone Calls by Donald Trump

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When Donald Trump became elected as the president of the United States, the world was left in awe of the results. While different events were happening all over the world, some of the biggest news was about the international phone calls that were made by Donald Trump. In today’s day and age of heavy communication on so many different levels, and having a president in office so versed in communication, it was a given that a focus would be on the things being said.

Furthermore, President Donald Trump has always spoken his mind, regardless of whether it was socially acceptable, in good graces, or what people wanted to hear. Being a notorious communicator, it would have been hard to believe that notorious international phone calls by President Trump did not exist. Being an unabashedly famed talker, it was no surprise that transcripts were leaked, causing people to have confirmed what they have always suspected.

What is the Main Issue?

If you were not aware of the international phone calls that were made by President Trump and are now curious about his leaked phone calls, the media has broadcasted much information about it. From the beginning of his campaign and well into his presidency, Donald Trump has been staunch about erecting a wall between the US and Mexico, and has insisted that Mexico take full financial responsibility for it. pay for the wall that will serve as the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

One of the most notorious international phone calls by Donald Trump is the one between him and Mexican president, Nieto. The phone call by Trump and Mexican president was centered on how Trump would protect his image. He has stated that Mexico will pay for the wall. Even though he feels that there are still more important things that they had to talk, Trump attempted to coerce Nieto into agreeing to pay for the wall. Though not much was outwardly accomplished by this phone call, it did serve the purpose to reinforce the notion that Trump has no problems getting on his oval office phone with other world leaders, executive style, and making demands as the leader of the free world.

Diplomatic Headache

USA and Australia have always been allies but because of the heated exchange between U.S. President Donald Trump and Australian President or Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, there may be further problems in the long run. According to reports, Trump stated that their conversation was the most “unpleasant” call of the day. He even remarked that he had a better conversation with Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia.

There were some issues that were discussed in the notorious international phone calls by Donald Trump such as the following:

  • Refugee Swap Deal made by former president Obama.
  • Turnbull was begging Trump to remove the refugees from Australia. There are about 2000 refugees in Australia according to an article published by CNN News.
  • Trump says that he will stick to what the deal was but he would not hide the fact that he does not like it.

Is It All Fake News?

In order to stop the news regarding the notorious international phone calls by Donald Trump and President Turnbull, one of the parties involved stated that their heated exchange over the phone was ‘fake news.’ According to Trump himself, he stated that the infamous call had never taken place because the conversation that transpired between him and Turnbull was polite and courteous. However, the White House has remained tight-lipped about this claim and this has made people more convinced that the heated exchange did take place, and was not done on the best of terms. Will we get to know the truth? Probably not, as that’s how reporting and the media goes; unless there is hard evidence, everything can be chalked up to speculation.

Mocks and Leaks

Turnbull has stated that it would have been best for everyone if the call remained confidential but stated that leaked news can be believed in, or not. Both leaders have used sarcasm in order to tell their views about the topics that they have talked about, and we most likely will never have the full details because that’s how politics works.

There are certain implications that can be reached because of the notorious international phone calls by Donald Trump. The first is that the U.S. President cannot be sure if his phone is being tapped. He may not feel safe inside the White House or anywhere because there is always a possibility that the things that he says will spread to the public. This is to be expected, as the greater the spotlight, the less sense of privacy you be able to maintain.

This is also the same for the other world leaders who may talk to the U.S. President. They may feel that their conversations will not remain confidential in the long run, and this can hinder them from talking about timely and urgent issues that should be resolved at the soonest.

Career professionals who may be trying to improve the President’s overall reputation to the public may have a hard time doing it because of the information that has been leaked to the public on account of President Trump’s infamous communication habits. The fact that the transcripts have become available to the public after some time has made it particularly hard for professionals to do their job in maintaining his reputation, along with managing his outward level of communication. One way or another, the notorious international phone calls by President Donald Trump have truly gotten people’s attention.

Classified Information for Everyone

Even if the public has the right to know what is happening within their current government, there is a great amount of classified information that people should not know about just yet because of security or safety reasons. There is information that is meant to be kept confidential even if some facts are just not revealed right from the start. While the public may feel it is their right to know every last detail occurring in their government, our government also holds the responsibility of protecting the public, and with the size and population of the United States, along with the many existing outside threats, it is a responsibility no one wants to mismanage.

With the leaked transcripts of the notorious international phone calls by Donald Trump, people cannot help but think that perhaps they are not as safe as they thought they are. Technologies such as Global Call Forwarding have made it possible for people to be reachable, but does that also mean that people are also easier to trace? How sure are people that their deepest, darkest secrets are not available for the world to know?

It is a known fact that international communication is always vital. If world leaders can use it, business owners can too. Global Call Forwarding has been providing quality call forwarding services for businesses in the international market since 1996.

People will always have different opinions regarding the notorious international phone calls by Donald Trump, especially due to the amount of attention they have received since his campaign for presidency, but it cannot be denied that President Trump’s calls are eye-openers as well, on an international scale.

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